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Home | NAME AND SHAME ZANUPF THUGS | Abusive ZANUPF thug Andrew Kaseke's wife Gladys Ngovere is a well known prostitute

Abusive ZANUPF thug Andrew Kaseke's wife Gladys Ngovere is a well known prostitute


Angry that he is married to a well known prostitute by the name of Gladys Ngovere,Andrew Kaseke who verbally abuses me everytime I mention that I want to campaign for Zimbabwe woman Presidency is convinced that every woman should be a prostitute like his wife .

I feel sorry for this woman Gladys Ngovere who is married to this evil hooligan called Andrew Kaseke .The thug whose family blood is in ZANUPF gets so angry whenever I mention my Presidential dream.Of women abusers and intolerant political thugs.

The thug who is said to be related to well known ZANUPF thug and confirmed rapist Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke is not even ashamed of verbally abusing me ,typical of his brother who abuses Zimbabwe's young models

As I updated ZIDELE's  facebook page sharing how in 2012 we are planning on officially launching the party the usual thug who has been tormenting me since 2011 came over to provoke me as usual this time calling me mwana wehure because he of course thinks every woman only knows about prostitution.

The thug is said to have married Gladys Ngovere who is  well known for frequenting brothels,making a living out of prostitution until the thug who also feeds on prostitutes took her in for a wife .

Verbally abusing me because I said I want to be a woman president is of course taboo to abusive and oppressive losers like him.Women should not dream Big but should only dream small ,dream of using bottom power to erk out a living whilst men dream Big.After I put up the status below ,the rascal came to provoke me .

Planning to officially launch this year.A Zimbabwe Political Party with a Woman President .

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