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They are getting younger and younger, these ZANU PF thugs who visit known anti ZANU PF activists’ walls to harass intimidate supporters of said activists.Kudakwashe

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China urges West to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Friday called on the West to lift sanctions they imposed on Zimbabwe while Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe applauded the Asian giant for its continued political and economic support.
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Former Blackpool "Ndochi" director joins politics

Former Blackpool director Ginger James Chinguwa has turned politician in his Mhondoro rural home.Chinguwa is now a ward councillor after qutting Harare city life.Chinguwa, who
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Jane Maluka -Your song child album out now

Jane Maluka
JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD ALBUM out now!! on - iTunes Amazons all online digital stores soon comeSPREAD THE WORD - ADD STRONG WINDS BENEATH
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Zimbabweans Protest to Demand The End of The 31-year Rule By the Iron-Fisted and Corrupt Dictator Robert Mugabe

Press release
On 1 March, 2011, Zimbabweans will hold mass protests in Harare to demand the end of the 31-year rule of the iron-fisted and corrupt dictator Robert Mugabe.
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Exclusive interview with Pastor Chiguvare of People's Progressive Party

Zimbabwe news online
Pastor Timothy Chiguvare is a Zimbabwean opposition President whose political party will be launched in Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe.Question 1: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) Have you ever
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The shenanigans of habitual home wrecker Jennifer Moud Chimboza

Habitual home wrecker Jennifer Moud Chimboza 's so called architecture husband Elliot who she snatched from someone else is being accused of sleeping with Jennifer's daughter (his step daughter).
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Gay lawyer Lizwe Jamela representing MDC MP who deliberately infected journalist with HIV

Lizwe Jamela, the new lawyer representing Insiza South legislator, Siyabonga Malandu Ncube is not straight, we exclusively reveal today. Jamela who works for the Zimbabwe Lawyers
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The pictures ,the anger :The harlot Samantha Murozoki dumped by ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa

Samantha Murozoki (Sammy Mai JJ Murozoki) is so pissed off that she has been exposed for dining with a notorious ZANUPF CIO and most of all a well known womaniser.

Samantha (Sammy) Murozoki :The prostitute dumped by notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa

I have written a lot about the notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Benson Saopa and his trail of loose women.There's another one Samantha Murozoki known as Sammy Mai JJ Murozoki on facebook ,mai Josh who is in Cape Town too.

Satanic Prophet Walter Magaya's married small house Mai Kellis Mutsveta causing havoc on Facebook

Magaya's alleged small house (pictured) who goes by the name Mai Kellis Mutsveta has gone on a facebook spree verbally attacking those who despise Magaya.

Beware of womaniser and notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Benson Saopa .

Beware of womaniser and notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Benson Saopa (ZANUPF Herbert Murerwa's mukwasha to be).