Husband looking for wife Cynthia Tatenda Matingo who dumped children and disappeared

Husband looking for wife Cynthia Tatenda Matingo who dumped children and disappeared


31 August 2014

Dear Zimbabweans whilst I appreciate that there could be more to this can we please help our brother to locate his wife so that she comes back home especially for the children that she deserted .As far as I can tell the husband seems to be a very nice and understanding gentleman.I have talked to him on several occasions since 2011.Maybe I have a wrong impression about him but if the truth be told I have not sensed anything bad about him as yet.

In 2011 I embarked on a similar painful spree to locate his wife after which she then surfaced and went back home.I remember communicating with her on internet after she surfaced. I was using a business name at that time .

She has disappeared again.One of the children is not feeling well .I can’t imagine what the children are going through ,as well as her husband.

In 2011 the husband had the press release below published and this is 2014 and it has happened again.Is it possible for us to just help him find his wife for the sake of the children and then take him to task later if we have to? Your help will be greatly appreciated .

A Zimbabwean man in South Africa is in desperate search for his wedded wife Cynthia Tatenda Matingo whom he said dumped their children and disappeared assuring him that she was going to spread the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

The husband Terence Baba Tracy Kadhau writing to our paper said ,ZIM MOTHERS OF SHAME, missing from South Africa is Cynthia Tatenda Matingo who hails from Mufakose Muriranyenze drive.

The wife who is light in complexion, slim and tall with a small curve and small rickets dumped their 3 year girl and 1 year terminaly ill son before disapperaing .The husband who is currently in South Africa said his HIV positive wife could have slipped back to Zimbabwe and the phone number to contact for updates is 0797600499 .

The couple who married seven years ago only lived apart after the husband relocated to South Africa. The wife who recently joined him in South Africa after giving birth to their second child Junior who became ill on arrival in South Africa.According to the husband the wife got tested and she was found to be HIV positive.

The husband was tested several times and was found to be HIV negative.He even went through a PVC Test until the doctors declared them a disconnected couple.

“I accepted things and stuck to my wedding vows, only to be suprised one day last month she took off dumping the kids vowing to spread the virus”.