Habitual women abuser Job Sikhala at it again lying to UK home...

Habitual women abuser Job Sikhala at it again lying to UK home office to protect a woman abuser


I never mentioned anything about the news until today when a well wisher inboxed me to go and see what Job Sikhala had posted on his facebook wall.My heart beat fast when I read the inbox which said he was supporting a man who was convicted of a serious domestic violence.

I was shocked when I read his status and I asked myself why anyone would help a woman abuser moreso a convicted one.I advised Sikhala that I was going to take this issue further as it is extremely wrong for him to protect this evil man .

How he helped hundreds of people to secure asylum in the UK whilst he is in Zimbabwe remains a mystery to me.What kind of Christian protects women abusers and criminals of domestic violence? I just see his status as the effforts of someone who just wants to be a good for nothing fame seeker.But there is a limit on how far a person should go.

African women suffer abuse now and again and it pains to hear someone who purports to be a leader of a political party for that matter saying he intends to help this harmful creature in that manner.

Here is what he posted on facebook

When l was a Member of Parliament for St Mary’s l helped hundreds of people to secure asylum in the UK. Today l was surprised that after 8 years one of those people l assisted phoned me to tell me that he was about to be deported after he was convicted of some serious domestic violence with his wife and that he needs my assistance with the letter addressed to the Home Office telling them he should not be deported because the political situation is tense. I am a christian and l am not a vindictive character. I will write his letter of request and this has reminded me what my ailing father used to tell all of us when we were growing up that “When the sun is shining don’t forget those who helped you to be where you are, because when rains comes you might fail to get shelter”