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Home | NAME AND SHAME RAPISTS | Relative angered by Kereke rape exposure as she is bombarded with emails and phonecalls

Relative angered by Kereke rape exposure as she is bombarded with emails and phonecalls


A woman relative of a doctor who turned rapist ZANUPF Dr Munyaradzi Kereke has been irritated by news that Kereke raped an 11 year old girl and has written a message to girl child activist Betty Makoni to show her anger.The sad revelations exposed by Betty Makoni shocked many Zimbabweans today as the internet buzzed with the shocking news.Controversial advisor to Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono,Dr Munyaradzi Kereke allegedly raped the young girl at gunpoint at his small house.

Many disturbing comments were left by Zimbabweans on the internet as they discussed the story and others called for castration of such beasts like Kereke.Viewed by some as a reasonable person who would never be expected to rape a child Dr Munyaradzi Kereke has proved that like many other rapists he is a wolve in sheep’s skin.Zimbabwe is seeing a huge increase in child rapists with many of them believing that virgins cure AIDS.

Writing to Betty Makoni the relative explained how she has received a lot of emails and phone calls from concerned people .

“Dear Ms. Makoni,

As a relative of Dr. Kereke i have been bombarded with emails and phonecalls about, and of the attachment below. I read the article and kept wondering, "is this about a rape victim or the new 24hr top notch clinic?"This is very disturbing to me,first as a woman and mother,defender and protector of young girls and children in general, and secondly as a relative of the accused. But most disturbing to me also as a professional is your adendum to the article, assuming it is an authentic response from you.

You have what you consider evidence against Dr. Kereke and you have finished trying and have already judged him and now imposing your sentence. You of all the people should know how damaging rumours and mere allegations can be after what you went through last year with the alleged financial scandal of GCN and should be more sensitive about it. If you care about the children and believe that you have valid evidence the most reasonable way to go about it would be to get a lawyer, approach the prosecutor's office and ensure proper documentation and mantainance of chain of custody of the evidence and proceed from there.

If it turns out that Dr. Kereke has a nemesis out there who is perpetrating all this (linking the case to his clinic, and you calling for the boycotting of the clinic), how will you give him back his name untarnished? I think that your adendum is very unprofessional,unethical and uncalled for.If i were you i would personally pick up the phone and call Dr. Kereke and apologize for the rush to judgement and still tell him that we will meet in court with the evidence you claim to have. Please keep on defending and protecting our defenseless children. They need a voice and i am one huge supporter.”

Responding to the message Betty Makoni explained that she has evidence that Dr Kereke raped the 11 year old girl according to the doctor’s and police evidence in her possession.

“To be frank a child aged 11 does not know there is a clinic.I work with evidence and I have nothing to do with him.Maybe anyone else somewhere.I have all evidence and as a rape activist I speak to the point.This man raped and know that he did it with a gun.What he did is wrong and he is at stage where police must arrest him and thats all.I have examined all papers and everything and that relative must feel happy that he is out of prison.I am very open to talking on this issue and anyone coming to me should know am here to help children” said Betty Makoni.

Comments (3 posted):

Tom on 09/12/2010 20:39:35
Yes, an alleged fraudster and rapist have due process in court. Media is not the court-room.
on 10/12/2010 09:53:50
What if there is no fair due process afforded. This is very rampant in Zimbabwe where some people are above the law
Mother on 10/12/2010 11:17:01
Well when someone has been accused it is the duty of the police to investigate. But the police have done nothing. For a woman to write such a response to Dr ****** what it tells me is that she is probably ******'s wife. Because no adult woman who knows that even father rape their children would even dare come out on the record to write such a letter. Why is women are the ones that try to defend dangerous men by attacking other women victims.
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