Fake profile threatening me is former Monitoring and Evaluation manager for OxfamGB...

Fake profile threatening me is former Monitoring and Evaluation manager for OxfamGB in Zimbabwe

Some ZANUPF supporters are opening fake facebook profiles stating that they support MDC to mislead people.One such profile was opened by one Chimurenga CheZimbabwe who later changed the profile to Nehanda Nyakasikana.
As the thug went on a sponsored spree  to harass me inorder to silence me he forgot that he was using a fake profile and mentioned that he was the Monitoring and Evaluation manager for all Oxfam.GB programmes in Zimbabwe.As he wnet on terrorising me on my wall I asked him what his problem was and he said he wanted to murder me and continued with his threats.
Nehanda Nyakasikana Murder u. As predicted by soothsayers, you face your death on 21st of February 2012 .


Nehanda Nyakasikana I was the Monitoring and Evaluation manager for all Oxfam.GB programmes in Zimbabwe. Their is nothing i dont know about oxfam iwe rasta.

Nehanda Nyakasikana Hahahahahakikikibubububu “hehehe Stupid. Cyber aspiring politians like u Viomak deserve to be thrown into a crocodile pond.

Nehanda Nyakasikana Hahahahaha.u never cease to amaze me iwe rasta. Do u know how many M&E managers were contracted between 2000&2010. Oxfam.GB is so professional when it comes to employee file management. The only search means is to ask the successful M&E Manager ever to be hiried by Oxfam.GB. If u do so, u will definately get to know who is behind the f.b character Nehanda or Chimurenga.

Nehanda Nyakasikana I was employed by UNDP-Morocco through the recommendations made by Oxfam.GB. Its not so easy to work for a International governmental organisation like UNDP from noway easpecially in foreign land. Im a shining star. When it comes to monitoring and evalution ndiri shasha iwe viola makunike. Academically nyarara hako mwana wemuroyi. I never settled for second grade. I managed to graduate with first class degree with more 95% of my grade top level distintions. Masters hatitauri. Phd takangoita tine 26yrs chete. Im the only Doctor of Philosophy in Population Dynamics in whole university to graduate with more than 20 published reaserch journals. My resume says it all.

Nehanda Nyakasikana I left Oxfam GB long, long time ago. I even worked for UNDP IN morocco for 24months after Oxfam. After that, I did my sabatical leave in Norfolk, U.K for 6 months before i came back home December last year. Right now, i have already set up my on local NGO, Rural & Urban Development Organisation (R.U.D.O). 
His fake facebook profile includes details below

Nehanda Nyakasikana

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at UNDP-MOROCCO Studied Population Dynamics at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Lives in Norwich,Norfolk Engaged From Ali Oulad Mbarek ,Safi,Morocco. Born on April 18, 1980

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  •  Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist · Jun 2010 to present

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  • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  •  DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY · Population Dynamics

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