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Gender Forum Discussion: Zimbabwean Marriages

Gender Forum Discussion:“Zimbabwean Marriages – the truth every woman should know”.The Book Café, Fife Ave Mall (upstairs).Tuesday 9 March, 2010 – 5.30-7pm

Zimbabwe gender forum discussion

“What difference would engendering the constitution-making process bring?”The Book Café, Fife Ave Mall (upstairs).Thursday 25 Feb 2010 – 5.30-7pm

Gender basket fund relaunched in Zimbabwe

A basket fund aimed at increasing the economic participation of women in Zimbabwe, has been relaunched after a start which faltered due to the delayed appointment of the new government earlier this year.

Obama honors Mugabe foes for defying a dictator

U.S. President Barack Obama honored a group of women on Monday who have confronted Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and said they had defied a dictator.

Superiority, racism and propaganda in England

When any one who is black is suspected of any crime they get persecuted by the BBC and other local media,but when its someone white no persecution by the media.

Beatrice Mtetwa to address Canada students

There are many reasons why Beatrice Mtetwa is an inspired choice to address Carleton University's newest crop of students in their first week of school.

Zimbabwean women fear more election violence

A Zimbabwean woman described being raped for three days because she volunteered for the opposition before her country's elections last year, joining activists Tuesday in warning new votes may mean new violence.

Pregnancy complications killing Zimbabwe women

Three hundred and sixty four (364)women in Zimbabwe died due to avoidable pregnancy complications in 2006 alone, a recent study has revealed.

AIDS prevention trial in Zimbabwe targets women

Women research-An AIDS prevention trial, evaluating both a microbicide and oral tablets in one study, starts soon in Zimbabwe as researchers seek to reduce the disease burden among women.

Prostitutes form burial society

They are frowned upon by society and dismissed as evil and immoral.