Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Robert Mugabe says Warren Park cemetery is for ZANUPF

President Robert Mugabe yesterday declared that the National Heroes Acre (Warren Park cemetery) was solely for the burial of Zanu PF members who participated in the liberation war, as the two MDC formations and Western diplomats snubbed the burial of Zanu PF politburo member Ephraim Masawi.

New Constitution:Security forces lay siege in Matabeleland to suppress devolution call

Bulawayo – Zimbabwean armed security forces and secret services agents have been deployed in the Matabeleland Provinces in an “undeclared State of emergency” geared to suppress inclusion of devolution of power in the new constitution reform process under way, sources in the coalition government revealed this morning.The faltering new Zimbabwe constitution process which is under way is one of...

MDC-T torture victim seeking help puts faith in aspiring woman president

An MDC-T torture victim (name supplied),opened up to Viomak after listening to her music and watching her music videos showing images of victims of torture .The victim who was severely tortured by notorious ZANUPF agents later followed the activist's work and confirmed that he was impressed by the principles of her political party ZIDELE which is at formation stage.Below...

Zimbabwe Constitution May Be Negotiated – PM

PM Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe - I am hoping that we don’t abandon this process because a step forward is better than a static position.”

Nothing shall stop us from writing our own Constitution – MDC

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has said it deplores, in the strongest terms, the confusion shown by the Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (Copac) in organising and facilitating the hearings in Harare, Epworth and Chitungwiza on Sunday.

Service chiefs will be safe – Tsvangirai

Negotiations are currently underway to offer assurances about the future to members of the security sector, Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on Thursday said.

Why I am so nice to Bob – Tsvangirai

Reconciliation has brought large benefits to Zimbabwe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai told The Economist conference on the future of the beleaguered country in Johannesburg Thursday.

Daniel Chingoma advertising political party in toilets

In a surprise move, engineer Daniel Chingoma, has formed a political party, the Zimbabwe Integrated Revolutionary Party (ZIRP), it has been revealed.

Tensions mount in MDC-Mutambara as fresh split looms

The indications by the secretary general of the smaller faction of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-M) Professor Welshman Ncube that he might want to campaign for the presidency in the next party elective congress has created divisions which threaten to split the party in Masvingo

Mugabe capitulates: Now says he wants closer ties with West

Zimbabwe wants normal ties with Western powers critical of its policies but will press ahead with a plan to hand control of foreign companies to local blacks, President Robert Mugabe said.