Tuesday, May 21, 2019

MDC Welshman Ncube broke

Barely two weeks after coming into office, MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube’s executive is reportedly faced with incapacitating financial woes that could cripple the smooth running of the party.

Zimbabwe Development Leaders (ZIDELE – ZDL ) President New Year statement

On behalf of Zimbabwe Development Leaders ZIDELE -ZDL I wish ALL our supporters ,would be supporters and well wishers a wonderful new year filled with God's love.It is because of your support and love that ZIDELE has started to prosper and will prosper . The year 2011 will see ZIDELE moving to greater heights as we embark on rugged terrain.The...

Zimbabwe uncertainty a 'drag anchor' for southern Africa

Ongoing political uncertainty in Zimbabwe is a "disaster" for its people and a "drag anchor" for the whole of southern Africa, the Commons has heard.Malcolm Bruce, chair of the international development select committee, said the political process in the country was "limping along" but that progress needed to accelerate.And the Lib Dem MP warned that if the situation was...

PM Tsvangirai wants only presidential vote in 2011

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said on Thursday that only a presidential vote was needed next year to resolve the power-sharing dispute in his unity government with President Robert Mugabe. The two were pressured into the coalition by regional leaders after Mugabe's ZANU-PF party lost its parliamentary majority to Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for the first time...

WikiLeaks exposes Zanu-PF official

A ZANU-PF official has been exposed as giving information against President Mugabe and the party, justifying illegal economic sanctions and attacking the land reform programme during secret meetings with Western diplomats, a US classified cable released by WikiLeaks website has revealed. The official also blamed the land reform programme for national food insecurity.There are about 2900 more cables yet to...

ZANU-PFJonathan Moyo calls for Morgan Tsvangirai to resign

MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai must immediately resign from Government and public life or face prosecution for a litany of treasonous offences he committed as detailed by WikiLeaks, political analysts said yesterday. The calls come amid fresh revelations in the latest batch of the US diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks that Mr Tsvangirai would publicly call for the removal...

Mugabe not happy sharing power with Tsvangirai

President Robert Mugabe has told state media that he is not happy being in a power-sharing government with former trade unionist and Prime Minister leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Rowdy ZAPU-Europe official Martin Chinyanga Da William,Barbara Nyagomo’s manager targets Viomak

A rogue ZAPU-Europe official Martin Chinyanga Da William who has decided to represent ZANU PF Mugabe in the UK by terrorising anti-Mugabe singer, freedom of expression campaigner ,human rights defender and aspiring woman president Viomak is not looking back. In a move that left Viomak tongue tied Martin Chinyanga who is campaigning for Barbara Nyagomo to be Zimbabwe's woman president,and...

Zimbabwe: A gathering political storm

The thorny issue of sanctions and new evidence of political intimidation herald more troubled times for Zimbabwe, reports the BBC's southern Africa correspondent Karen Allen.

Tsvangirai to remain MDC leader

The story in today’s issue of Gideon Gono's Financial Gazette claiming that President Morgan Tsvangirai is set to step down is false, malicious and misleading,” the MDC-T said.