Tuesday, May 21, 2019

HIV Positive prostitute Precious Chimboza spreading HIV knowingly

An HIV positive Zimbabwean prostitute Precious Chimboza who is knowingly spreading HIV the virus that causes was recently busted after a friend tipped muckraker.

Conbusinessman Ruffcutswear Marco Machona disappears with money for ZIFFE t-shirts

Exposed : A South African based Zimbabwean Marco Machona who boasts of being a successful businessman has disappeared with money for ZIFFE t-shirts after duping Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) CEO into believing that he would print 50 sample tickets for the organisation before getting big orders.

ZANUPF CIO Eleanor Mtangi now treasurer for MDC-T women assembly in USA

SW Radio Africa continues with Part 5 of the list of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agents working in and outside Zimbabwe. The document dated 2001 contains a list of state security agents working at that time. Some may have retired or passed away, but evidence has shown many are still serving. Although the document contained their home addresses, we...

ZANUPF CIO Phillip Machemedze granted refugee status in Britain was on Zimbabwe CIO payroll

At a party in the Hush Hush club, a chic Bristol nightspot, one guest clearly saw himself as the main attraction. Wearing a bright orange hat and winkle-pickers, the man quaffed flutes of Veuve Clicquot champagne and strutted around like a pop star or a Premier League footballer.Yet Phillip Machemedze, he of the garish ensemble, is neither. No, this...

The Landscape: Rural terror bases must be found, destroyed

One of the matters that the MDC-T demands be addressed as part of the contentious security sector reforms is the existence of military bases scattered around Zimbabwe which the party says have the sole aim of intimidating the rural electorate. Parties to the GPA negotiations and the construction of the electoral roadmap have agreed to deal with that matter. These...

MDC-T ambassador made employee clean up son's used condoms

The MDC-T Australia ambasador to Zimbabwe Ms Jacquline Zwambila who in 2010 allegedly stripped down to her undergarments in a heated argument with some embassy officials she accused of leaking information to the media is being accused of sexual harassment and violations of employment laws.MDC-T Felix Chiridza who was employed as a butler by the ambassor has written a...

Zimbabwe President Mugabe on the worst genocides of the 20th Century

The arrest of Pinochet in 2000 brings up the issue of which other leaders should be or should have been tried for atrocities committed during their rule. Here is a tentative list of modern dictators (and assorted mass murderers) and the estimated number of people killed by their orders (excluding armies they were formally at war with). In Stalin's...

MDC to pay Gibson Sibanda bodyguard

Bulawayo senior judge Justice Nicholas Ndou has ordered the embattled MDC party to pay the bodyguard of the late MDC vice-president Gibson Sibanda more than $9 000 in terminal benefits after he was unfairly dismissed from work.