Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The pictures ,the anger :The harlot Samantha Murozoki dumped by ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa

Samantha Murozoki (Sammy Mai JJ Murozoki) is so pissed off that she has been exposed for dining with a notorious ZANUPF CIO and most of all a well known womaniser.

Beware of womaniser and notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Benson Saopa .

Beware of womaniser and notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Benson Saopa (ZANUPF Herbert Murerwa's mukwasha to be).

Meet ZANUPF thug and internet terrorist Ronje Ronje (Facebook name)

Some people: A day ago this boy Ronje Ronje requested friendship from me on facebook.Of course I doubted his intention mainly because of his name but as usual I said to myself let me not judge a book by its cover.I accepted the request and waited to see what his intention was.

Notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa impregnates Akhona Jacobs behind Winnet Murerwa's back

This is not Winnet Murerwa with ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa Benson: This is 6 months pregnant South African Akhona Jacobs.

ZANUPF Thug Obert Ncube on petition protecting ex Mugabe Alshab member Roleen Gandiwa : Attacks anti- Mugabe singer

Blabbermouth and fame monger UK based ZANUPF terrorist Obert Ncube has assumed his title hoping that he can help to protect his close ally a ZANUPF murderer and ex -Mugabe bodyguard Roleen Gandiwa who is on the run.

ZANUPF terrorist Obert Ncube masquerading as MDC-T supporter causing terror in UK:Blasts AIDS patients

A ZANUPF violent thug in UK, Obert Mundevere Ncube, masquerading as an MDC-T supporter is causing havoc in UK terrorising an anti -Mugabe singer and human rights defender Viomak

Meet ZANUPF thug and terrorist FAKE Asylum seeker in UK Robert Singende

Here is one of the ZANUPF terrorists who were given asylum through lies.Today he came on my facebook page and threatened to kill me for despising and singing against his party of thugs .

Meet abusive criminal alcoholic and habitual internet terrorist Kevv Chanaz

Not supporting his political party is a crime.The habitual confirmed alcoholic criminal has this to say among other insults which he hauls at me eversince 2010 when I have seen him attacking me for not supporting his party

Meet ZANUPF intolerant terrorist Crynos Chidenyika Chenjerai

His profile Living Witbank Current City Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Hometown Basic Information Gender Male Interested In Men and Women Relationship Status Engaged Languages Suthu, Afrikaans, Ndebele, Swat, Shona, English and Zulu Religious Views mupostori  Ndinosasa feya mudzidzi from Imajinesta( juwa CZA) Political Views Zanu PF We suport land VAMUGABE CHETE Contact Information Website http://WWW.CRYNO.CO.COM History by Year 2013 Got Engaged 2011 Started Working at Business Management 2009 Graduated from Maramba High School