Wednesday, January 16, 2019

ZANU PF setting up militia bases ahead of constitution

Villagers in most parts of the country have told of shocking violence as Zanu PF oils its terror machinery ahead of the Constitutional reform process to force people to accept the party’s position on the Constitution.

Labour leader helped Nigerian's Zimbabwean wife living unlawfully in UK for six years

Harriet Harman was last night facing damaging claims that she lobbied the Home Office on behalf of a Labour Party donor’s immigrant wife who is living in Britain unlawfully.

Tributes pour in for murder victim

Loving tributes have been paid to the young man who was callously murdered in Slough over the weekend.

ZINASU leaders arrested for denigrating Mugabe

Five senior members of the Zimbabwe National Student Union were arrested Saturday - on charges of misconduct and undermining the office of the President and Cabinet - for saying “Robert Mugabe is the major outstanding issue that is stalling progress for the inclusive government.”

15 percent of 15-49 sexually active Zims HIV positive.

The return of cholera to Zimbabwe is not a matter of if, but when, said Rian van de Braak, head of mission of the medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Zim school heads and bursars on US stealing spree

Several school heads and bursars have been arrested countrywide for allegedly misappropriating tens of thousands of United States dollars paid in as fees and levies.

UK Zimbabweans lose thousands to A & B shippers Ltd

Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom lost money running into thousands of British Pounds to a couple that was running a freight forwarding company known as A & B Shippers Limited.

Zimbabwean arrested carrying cooler boxes full of human heads.

The World Cup may have pushed up sales of vuvuzelas, T-shirts and footballs in South Africa, but in neighbouring Zimbabwe there are fears the tournament has spawned a much more grisly market in human heads.

Zimbabwean kidnapped and assaulted in South Africa

Five people, including a policeman and a reservist, were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a Zimbabwean man on Wednesday, Johannesburg police said.

Fort Hare expels Zim students for insulting Mugabe

Three Fort Hare University students have been thrown out of President Robert Mugabe’s scholarship programme for allegedly insulting their benefactor.