Edwin Tsvangirai, our President’s first born. I feel pity for him. He was so devastated by his father’s dismal performance in the just ended electionn that he was taken to Trauma Center last week kuma2. He was treated for severe stress and insomania. For more details of our Prince.’s health condition, get in touch with his cousin Gerald Svova who took him to the Centre. I hope you still remember Svova who moved around telling people about our President’s personal life including the n’anga from Chipinge that he is consulting, the rituals he is made to perform at midnight in Buhera with Amai Lizzy ,that had led the later shunning to accompany Save to Buhera etc. He is at it again. He revealed that Edwin has history of mental illness.Zvinei nevanhu izvozvo nxaa. Edwin zvikwereti ndozvange zvakamunyanyirawo. He had hopes that if his father had landed the top job in the country, that would be panaecea to his financial woes, Sorry maningi munin’ina but l once warned you ukati Mafirakureva anopenga. Get well soon though, ubatsire kusimbisa Save vavekushungurudzwa nekahure kavakanonga kumaAvenues uko.

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