Dyke Magwanyagwanya with MDC-N photos opens fake profile to terrorise me


My haters use various tactics to tarnish my image.What shocks me is these haters are not only ZANUPF supporters but also some suppporters of opposition parties.

They don’t cease to visit my facebook wall to harass and terrorise me. 

Total madness .One of them Dyke Magwanyagwanya just wrote me this box.I don’t know whose fake profile it is but all the same he’s a fool.Typical of the haters.

Says to me, " Hie…you are a ZANU PF thug masquerading as a human rights defender, soon or later all this will be exposed and you face the music..um not threating you but um promising u…chimbwasungata " – His profile says he is a Sales & Marketing Executive at Chayah Media Services Pvt Ltd .Studied at INSTITUTE OF ADMINISTRATION AND COMMERCE (IAC) AND ICSAZLives in Bulawayo, From Bulawayo.Also has many MDC-N photos on the profile