Talking of political intolerance.Since 2010, MDC-T National Executive member CHARLTON HWENDE has been on my back .No wonder why political violence continues to be a problem in Zimbabwe.

The intimidation into silencing opposing voices is worse when one is a woman.Of course their intention is to harass those who despise wrong into silence and when everything else fails they claim falsehoods.

 Quite a number of people are now openly desping MDC-T for various reasons which include accepting luxury cars when masses are suffering.

After I posted various threads  on my facebok wall despising the same, Charlton Hwende as uusual got very angry with me and came to provoke me .We are not supposed to despise MDC-T but we are supposed to all say yes they are doing the right thing, typical of African politics.Leaders and political parties should not be questioned

With this intolerance Zimbabwe is guaranteed of more eras of political violence and thsi time perpetuated by some members of the opposition.

 And the National Executive member at MDC-Tsvangirayi CHARLTON HWENDE thinks lying that I am a zanupf CIO will silence me and get people to hate me.Shame on this man.And this is what MDC-T has for leaders .What I despise too.He posteda comment saying I am a lunatic on my wall and I answered accordingly and he got angry and called me zanupf CIO .

Angry that I had responded to his verbal abuse he thought of frightening me by adding that he has a document to prove that I am a ZANUPF CIO.I laugh at such desperation and unprofessional behaviour.

And despising MDC-T is abuse to him and he forgets that he is the one who visits my wall to provoke me and verbally abuse me,typical of intolerant political thugs who litter the political scene in Zimbabwe.

     ” Charlton Hwende -Ende Munotuka chaizvo va vaHuman Right Defender you only need argue with facts if you continue abusing other people we will simply post the document that made you angry the proof that you indeed worked for the CIO before .”

The MDC-T leader got so desperate and said to me,

 Chalton HwendeVio you have taken Zimbabweans for a ride for too long now its our time to expose you i respect your privacy thats why i did not rush to publish the document but if you give me permission i will publish the document so that people can see how you participated and caused the death of so many people. Your attack on our Vice President mai Khupe was uncalled for and we will defend her by any means necessary we are not afraid of you or the people who sent you to UK and asked you to change your name.”


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