Two men rape girl 15 year old girl to death


Sources said the duo, one of them a Maphosa, reportedly bought beer, which they used to intoxicate the unidentified girl, and latter raped her until she collapsed.

Police Spokesperson for Bulawayo Metropolitan province Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo confirmed the incident but said investigations were under way to establish the possible cause of the death of the girl.

“Police are still investigating the death of a girl aged 15 who died on the morning of 7 March under unclear circumstances. A postmortem is being carried out to see what led to the death and everything has been put in place for the investigations,” said Insp Moyo.

However, police said no arrests had been made in connection with the case.When a Sunday News crew visited the house where the tragic incident occurred the two suspects were reportedly away and a man who identified himself as Mr Faruke Ali confirmed that he heard about the incident but said he was not aware what caused the death of the girl.

“I heard those rumours but I cannot confirm them. I don’t know how far true that is,” said Mr Ali.

A neighbour only identified as Gogo MaNdiweni, revealed that the deceased was allegedly drunk and was sexually abused until she became unconscious.

“What we know is that those boys took advantage of the little girl whom they influenced to drink beer in order to sleep with her. We also heard that after discovering that she lost conscious they threw her out the house hoping that she would gain conscious but it was too late.

“Thina savuswa ngumsindo ngolwesibili ekuseni abantu sebebuthene phambi kwendlu bekhuza unhlolo,” said Gogo MaNdiweni.

She said the suspect a Maphosa was largely responsible for the death arguing that he deceived the innocent young girl.Gogo MaNdiweni alleged such incidents have been taking place suggesting that several girls had follen been victims.

Another neighbour who preferred anonymity concurred with Gogo MaNdiweni that the girl died because of alcohol and sexual abuse.

“These boys are very naughty. They have turned this house into chaos. They stay with prostitutes and this girl was a maid of the prostitutes. On that fateful day prostitutes were away and that girl was left at the mercy of those two boys.

“The whole neighbourhood know the truth of the matter, all this they now claim that she overdosed beer it’s not true. It is just a cover up to the police,” he said.

The source alleged that the two men have since disappeared because they know they are guilty of the offence.