The incident happened in a church building. The accused who lives at Sinakoma in Binga was remanded in custody to 9 March when he appeared before Binga district magistrate, Mr Stephen Ndhlovu.

The State case as presented by the prosecutor, Mr Bruce Maphosa, is that on 5 February there was a case of rape in the area and the accused person in his capacity as a member of the police neighbourhood watch committee decided to take the victim to the police station so that police would record a statement from her.

When they arrived at the police station it was late in the evening and police asked the girl to sleep over so that she would go home the following day.
The accused person was waiting for her and upon realising that she was not coming he followed her to the police station at around 9 pm and asked her if she had no relatives living near the police camp.

She revealed to the man that she had relatives residing in the Govera Compound some distance away from the police station and told the accused person that she was afraid of going there alone adding that she would put up at the police station.

The accused person however expressed his concern for the girl sleeping in the police station, telling her that she risked being raped for the second time by suspects kept in the police cells.

He told the girl that the police station was not a safe and comfortable place to sleep in offering that he would take her to her relatives at the Govera Compound. The girl resisted but he insisted and she gave in.

On their way to the compound the accused person proposed love to the girl and the girl turned down the proposal. He is said to have told the girl that he had long loved her adding that her being raped pained him so much as he viewed her as his wife.

The girl turned down his advances and the accused dragged her to a Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) that is still under construction. He then tore her pants and allegedly raped her twice before threatening her with death if she reported the offence to anyone.

The girl, however, despite the threats went back to the police station and made a report leading to the arrest of the accused person.