Party gate crushers stripped and beaten

Party gate crushers stripped and beaten


Relating their ordeal, the two, identified as Mr Sifundiso Nyathi and Mr Philani Ndlovu, said they had gone to the party after being invited by Mr Morris Mpala’s domestic worker. The party took place at the man’s farm in Montgomery.

“We had gone to his house where he had organised a party.Upon our arrival we greeted everybody but there was no response and latter Mr Mpala took us to the back of the house where he asked us to remove our clothes and he started beating us, accusing us of gate-crushing his party,’’ said Mr Nyathi.

The visibly frightened boys said the man forced them to show him their private parts, continually humiliating them in front of other revellers.

“After beating us he told us to vacate his house without wearing our clothes. We thus had to run out of his yard stark naked,’’ Mr Ndlovu said.

The two alleged that Mr Mpala had threatened them not to report the matter to the police saying he had connections and they were not going to do anything to him.

“He told us that he had concluded the matter with the police and he warned us that if ever we reported the case it was not going to help,’’ said Mr Ndlovu.

They said the beatings they suffered from the man were very demeaning, adding that their humanity had been shattered because they were made to play with their private parts while the manager watched constantly hurling insults at them.

“I can tell you that he reduced us to nothing and he seemingly enjoyed when we were playing with our organs. Just imagine a man of his calibre doing such abuse, that man is very cruel,’’ he said.

The pair told this paper that they were disturbed because the man demonstrated that he did not regard other people as humans who deserved to be respected.

“If he never wanted us to attend his party he should have told us rather than to embarrass us in such a manner,’’ said Mr Nyathi.

The abused boys did not report the case to the police, stating that they were afraid that Mr Mpala was going to victimise them further, as they were neighbours and he seemed to be “connected’’.

When a Sunday News crew visited the man at his workplace in the city, upon hearing what the reporters wanted him, he at first requested them to make an appointment as “he was a busy man’’.

When the reporters later called him on his mobile phone to make the appointment he said he did not entertain business calls on his private line, and that the reporters were disturbing his peace.

“Do you realise that you are abusing me by calling me on my private line. I also don’t just give appointments to anyone, that’s all I can say to you,’’ Mr Mpala said before hanging up his phone.

However, Mr Mpala later called the newsroom asking to speak to one of the reporters.

“For me to answer your questions, could I please request to see a copy of your Curriculum Vitae, then after that we can see what to do,’’ he said.

When the reporter inquired on the reason, Mr Mpala said it was for his on reasons and if the reporter was interested he should contact him later.