Women give talk on how to prepare traditional dishes

Women give talk on how to prepare traditional dishes


The group demonstrated how to make fried chips, bread and Sadza using sweet potatoes.

Speaking soon after the event recently, Principal environment health technician of Morgenster hospital Mr Gibson Chinamatira praised the women especially those who initiated the programme from Chebvute area. He also praised the women for donating the food which they had prepared to Morgenster Mission hospital.

“We are very happy to find out that women in rural areas are coming up with brilliant initiatives. It was a tradition that people in rural areas would be taught by the people from towns but we are very inspired by this group of women who have decided to teach us instead. We are going to put in to practice all that we have been taught and we encourage these women to continue with the good work they have started,” said Chinamatira.

John Gwese, a representative of the hotel industry in Masvingo appreciated the lessons from the women in rural areas. He said that funds must be made available to them so that they would be able to kick start a money generating project.

“We are very happy with the initiative. It was going to be better if a donor or government offers these women with money or loan so that they start their money generating project. A lot of people would want to taste their food and I am sure if they start such a project, we would be there to make see it growing,” explained Gwese.

The Chairlady for the group Sylivia Marashanye said they would want to find out if people would love to buy their food. She however, emphasized that currently, they were eager to make people get knowledge on how to prepare quality traditional food.

“As for now, we are not after money. Our motive is to make people understand how to prepare quality traditional food. We discovered that it is cheaper and economical to make traditional food than to buy similar foods everyday. However, with the permission of time and God, we are prepared to make our initiative into a money making project,” she said.