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Monthly Archives: February 2012

A List of Dangerous Zimbabwe Internet and real life Political thugs etc

Below is a list of some dangerous Zimbabwe internet and real life Political thugs,murderers,terrorists and spies who are denying citizens peace.I will update the list as time goes on.Updating

The ZANUPF thug Chief-Ruzani Adrian Tafadzwa has been terrorising me since 2010

This dangerous ZANUPF thug Chief-Ruzani Adrian Tafadzwa has been terrorising me on my facebook wall since 2010.

Melody Chikwape aka alleged ZANUPF agent Buhle Dlamini opens fake facebook account to terrorise...

Opening fake facebook profiles to torment and harass those with different political views has become very popular amongst Zimbabweans.It has emerged that a witch called Buhle Dlamini who has been harassing me on my wall actually has anothe facebook profle by the name of Melody Chikwape.

Abusive MDC- T thug in S.A Brian Muziringa threatens anti Mugabe singer in UK...

An abusive and intolerant MDC-T thug Brian Muziringa who has been threatening me with death on facebook since 2009/2010 is back again.I don't even know who this thug is .

Dyke Magwanyagwanya with MDC-N photos opens fake profile to terrorise me

My haters use various tactics to tarnish my image.What shocks me is these haters are not only ZANUPF supporters but also some suppporters of...

ZANUPF terrorist Comrade Josiah Tongogara aka NDINI INI MAPOWERZ changes name to Comrade Viomak...

An angry ZANUPF hater Comrade Josiah Tongogara AKA Ndini ini mapowerz has changed his fake facebook name to Comrade Viomak Zimbabwe in order to fix and silenceme . You will obviously notice that it's not me from the way he writes. He obviously writes like a Kindergarten boy.