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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Abusive ZANUPF thug Andrew Kaseke's wife Gladys Ngovere is a well known prostitute

Angry that he is married to a well known prostitute by the name of Gladys Ngovere,Andrew Kaseke who verbally abuses me everytime I mention that I want to campaign for Zimbabwe woman Presidency is convinced that every woman should be a prostitute like his wife .

Haters Graham Mann and Buhle Dlamini spreading lies that ZIDELE is a ZANUPF project

When I removed Graham Man from my friends list in 2011 little did I kon wtha

MDC T thugs Persuade Jena,Sidney Mukono,Buhle Dlamini terrorising me for not supporting MDC T

Not supporting ZANUPF or MDC-T is now like a crime for Zimbabweans.If one opposes MDC they are accused of being ZANUPF and if one opposes ZANUPF they are accused of being MDC so you have to support either of the two parties or else some political hooligans of both parties will terrorise you.

EXPOSED :Buhle Dlamini a confirmed ZANUPF agent masquerading as an MDC T supporter

I have had a lot of interestingly shocking experiences on Facebook and one of the experiences concerns someone who calls herself Buhle Dlamini.Little did I know that this person is a zanupf agent masquerading as an MDCT supporter until she was exposed by others and herself too.

abusive mdn thug

And this abusive thug MDC -N PRINCE KHUMBU -ZINDELA MALINGA who has been terrorising me since 2010 is back again.He is also very angry...

Fake profile threatening me is former Monitoring and Evaluation manager for OxfamGB in Zimbabwe

Last few days on Facebook saw an abusive Zimbabwean open fake facebook profiles to harass me and others who oppose Mugabe.The profile also harassed some who oppose MDC but it was just a smoke screen

UK based ZANUPF notorious CIO Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor terrorising me on Facebook

Who said Zanupf has no terrorists and CIO's in UK who terrorise anti-Mugabe singers and Zimbabwe Human rights defenders like myself.The last few days as the year 2012 just started, have seen me as usual being tormented by ZANUPF thugs including women on my facebook wall.