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Monthly Archives: September 2011

My experiences with violent MDC-T hooligans Nigel Tendai Moyo and Kevin Mash

Despising MDC-T has become taboo as shown by some of the supporters who come to terrorise me on my wall for despising the party.These...

Contacts for Notorious ZANUPF thug/CIO Munyaradzi Shoko who wants to kill me

A confirmed dangerous ZANUPF thug and CIO Munyaradzi Shoko who has being spying on me has now come out to expose his hidden agenda.Last week the thug who asked for my friendship on facebook immediately asked if I knew a Stephen Matema as he hijacked a thread that I had posted on my wall.

The misleading and contradicting statements given by GCNW Betty Makoni should be investigated

An analysis :I have been following the articles about Betty Makoni’s GCN and GCNW published in your paper and I would like to air...

Women who spoilt their careers and life in UK now terrorise others

News coming from Manchester after revelations that a woman behind falsifications on Tare funds being looted suggest that the woman is in last ditch...