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Monthly Archives: January 2011

ZANUPF minister Walter Mzembi's brother haunts singer as plot to seek revenge thickens

The ZANUPF minister Walter Mzembi who had a squabble with anti mugabe singer and activist Viomak on facebook last week is said to have ...

Zimbabwe- A House Tribally Divided

Despite the myriad pressing problems that Zimbabweans of all tribal backgrounds are facing, the age old animosity and distrust across tribal lines is alive...

'Hospitality' minister, musician trade insults on facebook

Harare - Zimbabwe’s Tourism minister Walter Mzembi and self-exiled musician Viomak on Sunday exchanged angry words via popular social network Facebook over postings on...

MDC Welshman Ncube broke

Barely two weeks after coming into office, MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube’s executive is reportedly faced with incapacitating financial woes that could cripple the smooth running of the party.