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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Zimbabwe woman charged over toddler and mother fire deaths

An innocent mum and her three-year-old daughter perished in a house fire in Milton Keynes, England, after being caught up in a love squabble between a Zimbabwean couple, a court heard.

Diesel n’anga Rotina Mavhunga jailed

The controversial “diesel n’anga” Rotina Mavhunga, aka Nomatter Tagarira, who three years ago made fools of President Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet when she made them believe she could conjure pure diesel to pour out of a rock and bring the country’s fuel problems to an end, has been jailed.

To stop genocide arrest Jabulani Sibanda – MDC

The MDC is strongly disturbed that Jabulani Sibanda, a self-styled war veteran, can cause so much suffering in Masvingo province during the past three months without any restraint from the police.

Zimbabwe police gets angry on behalf of rogue High court judge

Police have vowed to track and arrest Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) treasurer Roy Bennett whom they have been stalking for the past month if they establish that he committed an offence

Poverty sticken Tongogara's widow seeks help from Tsvangirai

The neglected widow of national liberation war hero and ZANLA commander, the late Josiah Magama Tongogara has approached Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for assistance.

New Constitution:Security forces lay siege in Matabeleland to suppress devolution call

Bulawayo – Zimbabwean armed security forces and secret services agents have been deployed in the Matabeleland Provinces in an “undeclared State of emergency” geared...

Mnangagwa, Moyo and Jabulani Sibanda in genocide plot

Zimbabwe Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s chief strategists in Zanu PF succession plots, former Information and Publicity Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and War Veterans leader...

MDC-T torture victim seeking help puts faith in aspiring woman president

An MDC-T torture victim (name supplied),opened up to Viomak after listening to her music and watching her music videos showing images of victims of...

Zimbabwe bans import of vehicles more than five years old and left-handers

Harare - Zimbabwe has announced a ban on imports of second hand vehicles more than five years old with effect from March next year in a move likely to hurt a booming market for used cars.

Zimbabwe Constitution May Be Negotiated – PM

PM Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe - I am hoping that we don’t abandon this process because a step forward is better than a static position.”