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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tony Blair secretly courted Robert Mugabe to boost trade

Tony Blair secretly courted Robert Mugabe in an effort to win lucrative trade deals for Britain, it has emerged in correspondence released to The Independent under the Freedom of Information Act.

Legal trouble as Zim Mafia campaign linked to UK based presidential hopeful

Barbara Nyagomo-Mambo, founder of the One Million Zimbabwe Voices campaign might face investigations by UK authorities over financial improprieties relating to the funding of the Zim Mafia anti-Mugabe campaign, we can exclusively reveal.

Emotional Tsvangirai apologises for bad mouthing Gibson Sibanda

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has described the acrimonious split of the MDC in 2005 as the saddest part of his political life and offered...

Domestic violence: Women turn the tables against men

Cases of men who are bashed by their spouses and girlfriends in domestic violence are on the increase countrywide.Several men have been killed while others have been maimed after being attacked by their spouses in longstanding domestic disputes.

Zimbabwe too broke for elections next year

Zimbabwe's electoral commission will not be able to draw up a clean voter's roll and organise elections next year because of lack of money,...

Nicholas Goche and Priscilla Misihairabwi to lose property benefited from loan shark deal

Two Cabinet Ministers Nicholas Goche and Priscilla Misihairabwi – Mushonga are among the individuals who stand to lose properties after they benefitted from an illegal money lending scheme run by a controversial businessman, Frank Tawanda Buyanga.

Zimbabwean man jailed for vuvuzela assault

An 18-year-old Zimbabwean who caused the loss of another man's eye in a fight over a vuvuzela was jailed for a year, reports a state-run daily.

Zimbabwe's parastatal bigwigs 'swimming in wealth'

Zimbabwe's parastatals are paying executives and senior management monthly salaries of up to US$15 000, despite reports of mismanagement,corruption and crippling debt.

Defence forces commander Constantine Chiwenga's gun used in murder

Defence forces commander interferes with police investigations.Three armed robbers allegedly used a 303 rifle belonging to Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, Constantine Chiwenga, (Pictured) to...

Zesa supply cut-off at MDC-Mutambara office

The MDC faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara was this week humiliated when the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) disconnected power supplies at the party headquarters in Bulawayo over a US$20 000 debt for power consumed since 2001.