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Monthly Archives: April 2010

HIV infected man rapes 80 year old granny

A 39 year old HIV positive man from Nyanga who raped an 80-year-old granny was jailed for 20 years.

Rape for freedom deal lands policeman in court

A Banket policeman has been dragged to court over a botched sex-for-freedom deal that was soured by the intrusion of a sexually transmitted infection.

Granny 72 having a baby with her grandson

A grandmother has shocked her friends and family after revealing she is having a baby with her own grandson.

Zim woman sentenced for £24 000 NHS bursary fraud

A woman who defrauded the NHS of over £24,000 was sentenced today to 9 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, after being investigated by the NHS Counter Fraud Service (Teeside Crown Court, Thursday 29th April).

Wife sprinkles husband girlfriend with urine

A Jelous Epworth woman smeared chillies on her boyfriend’s new wife’s private parts. She compounded the punishment by shaving the younger rival’s hair with a knife: all this in retaliation after her lover of more than a decade had dumped her in favour of his “new find”, Precious Changweya.

MDC-T pay shocker prompted director assault

Last week’s assault on MDC-T director-general Mr Toendepi Shonhe at Harvest House could have been partly caused by alleged massive salary discrepancies between the party’s workers, an interim report on the violence reveals.

Harare bishop questions police behavior

Diocese of Harare Bishop Chad Gandiya issued a letter April 28 saying the police repression of Anglicans in and around Zimbabwe's national capitol city has intensified.

Man charged with rape, strangulation of girl

Zimbabwe authorities have arrested a man accused of raping and murdering his daughter's 8-year-old friend. Three of the suspect's friend are accused of assisting him and helping to get rid of the body.

Who is funding the Zanu pf backed ZIMTA?

Zimbabwe Teachers Association is the country's largest representative body for teachers. But, the painful reality is that it is Zanu pf backed.

Prostitutes jailed for soliciting

Luck ran out for two Central Business District prostitutes who were loitering around town and “flashing” their buttocks while soliciting for clients.