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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Zim internet entreprenuer launches website to assist orphans

Richwell Phinias, renowned internet marketing consultant and the co-founder of has partnered with a number organisations in Zimbabwe in an innovative ICT project meant to give hope and support to more than 2 500 orphans.

Zimbabwe Black Book launched

Zimbabwe Black Book (ZBB) has launched to reveal deceitfulness, corruption and confusion dowering in Zimbabwe's government. The site and vision is an idea from a Zimbabwe youth based in the Diaspora.

University of Zimbabwe funds looted and intakes frozen

The University of Zimbabwe is battling to recover nearly US$5 million in research funds looted from its foreign currency account by the central bank during the country’s economic crisis. Meanwhile, the institution has frozen intakes in some departments as the country’s brain drain takes its toll -and a nationwide lecturer strike at public universities continues.

Man who pricked wife with HIV needles jailed

HIV testing and counselling is being offered to people after the identity of a man who infected his wife was revealed.The name suppression of Artwell Chakanyuka was lifted by a court this week.

Mother who sparked armed siege falsely claimed £26 000 benefits

A mother who threatened to shoot her children has now admitted falsely claiming £26,000 in benefits. Sabena Ruwizhi, 30, sparked an armed siege in May 2008 after she told police she was holding a gun to the heads of her two toddlers and another boy.

Zimbabwe new constitution delayed until 2011

The process of drafting a new Zimbabwean constitution has been further delayed, meaning the country's new charter is now running seven months behind schedule.

Former GCNW Priscilla Nyathi masquerading as GCNInternational director

Former Girl Child Network WORLDWIDE ( GCNW) Volunteer Priscilla Nyathi is said to be masquerading as Girls Child Network INTERNATIONAL (GCNI ) 's Executice Director after she felt out with GCN WORLDWIDE amid allegations that she misused public funds.

U.S. official discusses Zim engagement with multi-lateral lenders

Harare, February 25, 2010: A diplomat at the American Embassy in Harare says U.S. sanctions are not a factor in Zimbabwe's relations with multi-lateral lenders such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Mugabe to celebrate 86th birthday with televised £325 000 lobster feast

Robert Mugabe will celebrate his 86th birthday on Friday with a lavish £325,000 party to be broadcast live on the country's state television.

Man rapes chicken,sheep, murders four in cold blood

Four young barefooted boys from Chilonga communal lands, south of Chiredzi Town ride on the backs of tame calves and drive a herd of cattle.Under the blistering sun, the hooves pound the sun-baked earth and a cloud of dust spirals into the clear sky.It has not rained for weeks on end.