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Monthly Archives: May 2009

ZBC Workers accuse managers of looting

Senior managers at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation have come under fire for allegedly splashing money on generators, plasma screen television sets and luxury cars at a time the country’s sole broadcaster is failing to pay its workers on time.

Botswana compelled to rehabilitate Zimbabwe transmission lines

Plans by Botswana government to draw electricity from Mozambique through Zimbabwe's existing electricity supply infrastructure, will help revive the latter's economy, in more ways than one.

In pictures: Zimbabwe's impoverished pensioners

Below are pictures of Zimbabwe's pensioners taken by Kate Holt of BBC.Many Zimbabwean pensioners have become destitutes.A former civil servant receives an average pension of us$30.00 per month.

MDC offered Gono us$10.5 million to leave office

The MDC-T has allegedly identified seven high-ranking public officials that sources say it intends to offer packages to leave office, with the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Dr Gideon Gono, claiming he has already been offered a US$10,5 million package.

Woman flew naked in winnowing basket on 'witchcraft mission'

It may sound like its fiction but believe it, its true, that is according to Regina Sveto, a 21 year old woman who says she flew in a winnowing basket (rusero) from Zihute in Murehwa to Harare on a journey that took only three minutes.

Album on Susan Tsvangirai released

An all female quintet calling itself Veneka Sisters has released an album in commemoration of the late Mrs Susan Tsvangirai, who died in a car accident in March.

Zimbabwe MP flies into the UK for music shows

Published: May 13, 2009.Zimbabwe MP HON Paul Madzore, dubbed The Singing MP is in the United Kingdom this week and is scheduled to do a live performance at Ripon in Yorkshire.

South African rand disappearing in Zimbabwe

The South African rand is disappearing from circulation especially in Harare, as it continues to gain value over the American dollar.

Four soldiers die at Chiadzwa

Four soldiers have died at — and around Chiadzwa diamond fields — two were found shot in unclear circumstances on Saturday and two were gunned down in a murder and suicide on Sunday.

Three Zimbabwe men behind bars for fraud offences

Three Zimbabwean men have been jailed for a total of 11 years for their part in a million pound bank fraud involving the banking and insurance group, HBOS.