Thursday, July 27, 2017

As shamed donor funds abuser GCNW Betty Makoni fights using lies to clear her name

For the past 2 years or so I have been a victim of internet bullying and smear campaign by donor funds abuser GCNW founder Betty Makoni.I am not her only victim.

Journalist Gilbert Munetsi sacked after Betty Makoni GCN $800 pay out to hide donor funds abuse

The moment we fail to set the record straight is the moment we allow smear campaigns to go on unchecked. Of course setting the record straight comes with a lot of risks but when the need arises it is very important that we set the record straight

Liar GCNW Betty Makoni resorts to smear campaign me as ZANUPF CIO to hide corruption

The dangers of despising corruption.No amount of smear campaign will stop the TRUTH.No amount of intimidation will silence the TRUTH. Many ordinary citizens like me are being threatened, harassed,terrorised and  intimidated into silence as we speak about the rot in our society that is seeing the poor suffering taken advantage of . You can lie as much as you...

Conned by Fungwa Mawarire of UK company ZimTownship Global Services Limited

Beware of the conman Fungwa Mawarire in UK .He also seems to terrorise those who expose him.I have heard so many stories about him conning unsuspecting people .

Download:Betty Makoni GCN/GCNW Donor Funds Abuse Report by former donor Oxfam Novib

Be the judge .GCN Betty Makoni has become popular accusing everyone who mentions about GCN/GCNW donor funds abuse to be a ZANUPF CIO working on destroying her work. After reading the Oxfam letter attached how do people who despise the corruption become ZANUPF CIO's?

TRUTH haters create FB group administered by 'donor funds abuser' GCNW Betty Makoni to silence me

Some Zimbabwe Non Governmental Organisations(NGO's) are now known to be cash cows that depend on donor funds to finance their leaders' personal lives in the name of helping the needy.Most of the money is not getting to the recipients whose names and desperate situations are being used to solicit for donor funds.

Tare Mapungwana grounded as her donated funds are looted

Taremeredzwa Nomatter Mapungwana – an 18-year-old Zimbabwean girl who was recently brought into the UK for an operation on a life-threatening tumour, is now living a pauper's life outside London, while suspected fraudsters are looting money from a fund that was set up to assist her.   Tare herself this week told The ZimDiaspora that she was grounded, with...

Betty Makoni linking me to ZANUPF CIO as desperate measure to silence me for despising GCNW corruption

A colleague just referred me to an article below by GCN/GCNW Betty Makoni.She's extremely angry that I despised her organisation's donor funds abuse which has been widely publicised.The woman is very desperate to silence all those who speak against the corruption and in the article she wrote about me on 12 August 2011 she shows how desperate she...

Journalist Geoffrey Nyarota barred from Daily News after donor funds misappropriation accusations

Veteran and controversial journalist Geoffrey Nyarota may never return to the Daily News paper's editorial team after being barred following accusations that the award winning journalist misappropriated donor funds.Sources at Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) – publishers of The Daily News – said Nyarota was all along tipped to be the Editor-In-Chief but 'revelations' of financial misuse cost him...

Beware of would be syndicate involving dubious cash cow Barbara Nyagomo in charity TarisakhangelaiZimbabwe

A few weeks ago my heart bled as I felt the urge t help the Director of TarisakhangelaiZimbabwe (Gabriela Nyaruvende in raising awareness and funds for Zamani Sithole ,a young man who is in need of medical and social help.
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