Friday, July 21, 2017

UK envoy quits after sex video surfaces on Russia website

British diplomat in Russia has resigned after allegedly being filmed having sex with two prostitutes, in a classic sting operation apparently masterminded by the country's security services.

Italian dies after a night's session with prostitute

An Italian business man on Tuesday, December 8, died in his hotel room at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra.

Pet python strangles sleeping child in bed

A family has been left distraught after a huge pet snake escaped from its cage and strangled their young child.

Popular Malawi gay couple split over woman

The gay couple in Malawi who were spared a 14-year prison sentence by a presidential pardon said on Tuesday they have split nearly six months after the wedding that led to their sodomy convictions.

Witch turned into smoke and flew as bat

“I placed a goat's horn into the stomach of my elder sister to prevent her from having children," Olivia, 19, and a self-proclaimed witch, now exorcised, told a large congregation at the Ebenezer Healing Church at Kasoa, in the Central Region last week.

UN report condemns Botswana's treatment of Bushmen

Report demands ‘urgent’ action by government over water.The UN’s top official on indigenous rights has condemned Botswana’s continued persecution of the Bushmen in a new report.

Fir Tree found growing inside man's lung

Russia - A man who complained to doctors of severe chest pains was stunned when told his suspected tumour was actually a fir tree growing inside his lung.

Strangest lawsuit ever?

Strange news stories in this job and this one, which was featured recently in a German newspaper, is up there with the strangest.

Malawian teenager harnesses power from scrap

William Kamkwamba parents couldnt afford the $80 yearly tuition for their son school. The boy sneaked into the classroom anyway, dodging administrators for a few weeks until they caught him.

Zuma's inauguration: glitzy with razzmatazz

Some people were stocking up on tinned foods IN 1994, expecting anarchy to follow the first democratic elections. Now, 15 years later, South Africans, used to life in a democracy, are getting ready to party at the "mother of all inaugurations" next Saturday.
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