Friday, July 21, 2017

Zimbabwean men respond to rape of minors

Following the recent shocking rape of a 4 year old girl in a collapsed grave in Norton for ritual purposes, PADARE, a men’s movement for gender equality, issued a statement strongly rebuking the escalating violation of the rights of women and particularly the girl child in Zimbabwe. The organisation also organised a march in Harare last week to show...

Zimbabwe's female violence survivors dumped

Most Zimbabwean women who suffered political violence remain traumatised for the rest of their lives because of lack of support from the organisations that usually put them at the forefront.

Superiority, racism and propaganda in England

When any one who is black is suspected of any crime they get persecuted by the BBC and other local media,but when its someone white no persecution by the media.

Zimbabwean women fear more election violence

A Zimbabwean woman described being raped for three days because she volunteered for the opposition before her country's elections last year, joining activists Tuesday in warning new votes may mean new violence.

Mother fears for the future of daughter raped at 12 years

After being raped at 12, a Glen Norah girl is now living in self-imposed solitary confinement. The girl, who is now 13 years old, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on November 28 following the alleged rape.Her major problem is that she is now being shunned by her peers who are finding it difficult to come to terms...

The shenanigans of habitual home wrecker Jennifer Moud Chimboza

Habitual home wrecker Jennifer Moud Chimboza 's so called architecture husband Elliot who she snatched from someone else is being accused of sleeping with Jennifer's daughter (his step daughter).

Police bar women marchers

Police on Friday refused permission to gender activists from all over the country who had intended to march in Harare yesterday to demand greater women’s involvement in the constitution-making process.

Breakfast meeting for the women parliamentary caucus

The Women Coalition of Zimbabwe in conjunction with Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association invited the Women Parliamentary Caucus on Thursday, 26 March 2009, to the Holiday Inn for a Breakfast Meeting to discuss and share strategies on how to engender the leadership and processes of writing the national constitution of Zimbabwe.

Graca Machel scholarship for postgraduate study in South Africa

Deadline: 10 August 2010.The key aim of the Graça Machel Scholarship Programme is to help provide the female human resources necessary for economic, social and cultural development in the southern African region and to develop an educated and skilled workforce that can benefit the wider community.

Businesswoman plans to turn beerhall into school

A Chivhu businesswoman, Mrs Virginia Bimha, who is leasing Ndakaziva Beerhall in the town is applying for permission to convert the bar into a high school.
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