Friday, July 21, 2017

Canada refugee decision racist – ANC

The ruling ANC on Tuesday condemned a Canadian decision to give a white South African refugee status from the crime-ridden country, rejecting it as "racist", "sensationalist" and "alarming".

Letter from Zim: Corrupt and unaccountable leadership

The mayor of Harare, Muchadeyi Masunda and his counterpart, Israel Marange of the capital’s nearby dormitory town of Chitungwiza dominated news headlines recently. All clearly for wrong reasons, it seems.

Negative people and you

Let us get very personal today as we discuss the issue of negative people and how you deal with them.Firstly,it is incumbent on us to declare from the onset that we will always have the negative around us. At this time we live in there is so much negativity.

Who is funding the Zanu pf backed ZIMTA?

Zimbabwe Teachers Association is the country's largest representative body for teachers. But, the painful reality is that it is Zanu pf backed.

Wikileaks- People get the leaders they deserve

The wikileaks documents, which have caused a media furor, with anyone who can string words together writing some sort of commentary about it, have caused another kind of frenzy. In the documents, the former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell is quoted as saying, “PRIME MINISTER Morgan Tsvangirai is a weak leader who cannot be relied upon to lead...

Zimbabwe's 'Transition'

A power-sharing deal aimed at restoring democracy has mostly shored up strongman Robert Mugabe.

Suspected Zimbabwe Internet Scam Chaired by Barbara Nyagomo-Mambo hits Facebook

DEAR EDITOR I have been reading your news for quite sometime now and of great interest was the GCNW story in which you investigated a lot of issues that exposed the reality of what was going on.

The year 1979, the move to Killarney and our interesting neighbors

I was 7 years old in 1979 and I have distinct memories of our transition from Luveve, the all black the high density suburbs to Killarney, an all White suburb at the time. I recall a conversation my father had with our neighbor in Luveve, Budhi Dickson- brother Dickson. “Varungu are selling houses like loaves of fresh, hot Lobel’s...

Is Mugabe and ZANUPF behind the GCN vs Oxfam saga?

On Friday, 06 November 2009 the editor of an online paper Zimdiaspora published an article titled MUGABE PLOT TO ELIMINATE BETTY MAKONI TURNS UGLY. After reading this article GIRL CHILD FOUNDER WANTED FOR FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES on the internet I have ended up with more questions than answers.

Mugabe cancels Roy Bennett swearing in

The euphoria that enveloped the MDC-T at their inauguration in parliament is now slowly dying away, as realisation will sink on Monday that their parliamentary majority has now been erased.
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