Friday, July 21, 2017

The misleading and contradicting statements given by GCNW Betty Makoni should be investigated

An analysis :I have been following the articles about Betty Makoni’s GCN and GCNW published in your paper and I would like to air my views on my observations that warrant further scrutiny for your readers and the public at large in order to come up with a true picture on why the GCN now GCNW founder left Zimbabwe...

My love affair with all things Nigerian

In 1992, when I arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, I registered for my classes at the University of Glasgow and was made aware of the African/ Caribbean Students Union. They had a representative at the registrar’s office, who was handing out fliers announcing a welcome party for all new international students. The party would be held in a fortnight and...

Is this a trumped-up charge ?

Two MDC-T activists are currently in court, apparently.

Revolution, the Power of the Internet and Looking the Regime in the Eye.

The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 marked the beginning a wave of unprecedented revolutionary activity across the Middle East. The dates of the revolutions go something like this: Tunisia-December 17, 2010, Algeria: January 5, 2011, Jordan: 41 January 2011, Yemen: January 22, 2011,Egypt: January 25, 2011, Sudan, January 30, 2011, Palestine: February 2, 2011, Iraq: February...

A translation of the fragments of human bodies in war

What is this that is surfacing from kitchen table wisdom, mass graves, body farms, Hitler, Rwanda, genocide, mysterious gases, sulphur, explosive devices, atomic bombs, evil scientists, white masks and innocent civilians abandoned or murdered?

Mugabe throws out MDCs outstanding issues

Harare-My apologies for the late update, but I am having problems here in Harare which took me away from the job at hand.

Fighting against the stigma of mental illness

The trend in today’s society is that silence, shame, stigma, ignorance still exists around the burning, global issues of mental health. It is imperative that all of us fight against the silence and fight for the dignity for sufferers of mental illness.

The reason why Morgan Tsvangirai joined Mugabe in govt

With Morgan Tsvangirai telling workers at Gwanzura stadium on May Day that his government was broke and could only continue to pay civil servants US$100 (and was duly booed for his pain), it is perhaps time to examine why the MDC-T and Morgan Tsvangirai decided to join government.

Mukoko re-imprisoned as Mugabe weakens Tsvangirai

Jestina Mukoko is seen here on March 2, after she was freed on bail in a move that many said indicated the strengthening of Tsvangirai's influence in government. She was sent back to jail today after the state indicted her, showing yet again that Mugabe continues to use state apparatus for party purposes.

Living with a father who suffers from bipolar

My father gives a unique, relevant and compelling voice to the invisible voice that prevails when it comes to the invisible thread of mood disorders.
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