UK habitual con woman Zimbabwean Mercy Taruvinga causes havoc on FB

UK habitual con woman Zimbabwean Mercy Taruvinga causes havoc on FB


A well known habitual con woman, Zimbabwean Mercy Taruvinga has once again gone beserk on facebook .This time, the  psychotic woman was not pleased when a human rights defender named and shamed Zimbabwean women nurses Farisayi Chiwora Knott and Apronia Samakande, who Mercy is working with to con unsuspecting Zimbabweans.The women who are said to be conning Zimbabweans in a dubious burial society scam in UK were busted when their scamming business was brought to the attention of one human rights defender Viomak

Of late facebook has had an increase in the number of groups opened by some Zimbabwean women in the UK to crook unsuspecting people of their cash .Unpleased by the naming and shaming Mercy Taruvinga went bersek and verbally abused the poster unprovoked .

Below are some of her posts .


Mercy Taruvinga :Yea Viomak you re right abt funeral policies.But why zvikadzi izvi zvanyora kuti they are scared of confronting finance team yavo ye group ravo.We all came here to wrk and better out lives and you can’t part ways with money and wotya kubvunza kuti mari irikufamba sei.Kupusa kwakaita sei ikoko or this is just about kuwachisana pa social network .Whoever vakadzi varikuti they are scared of asking abt transparency yemari hamuna kukwana unotya mukadzi akaita sewe uye here in uk hakuna zvaunoitwa so to me its a shit matuzvi excuses .Why scared of mukadzi anenge iwewe kana uchifunga kuti your money irikudyiwa asi ishumba here Mai Samaz vacho .Women of Zimbabwe stop this Phd Syndrome on social networks coz muchadzingisana mabasa mugotoresana ma pin this is not right at all if you see kuti your money is being squandered pesanisa makumbo ako wakananga kuma offices ana Aviva even AIG iyo and stop lying kuti you are scared of Mai Samaz .Kwete imi vakadzi imi this is all about kuwachisana chete.Panoitwa zvemari panotongonetswa uye munosvibisana mazita nezvinhu zvemahara.Mai Samaz if you are reading my comment here you don’t even have to explain anything to anyone call your all your grp members and give them all the book let them hear from you not here on social network it will not help at all.Sisi Viomak Wasu keep up the good work please tell these women kuti hakuna munhu anofanirwa kutya mumwe mukadzi aneburi pakati pemakumbo just like them .We are all human and hapana Cecil the lion apo so they shld stop saying varikutya uyu mukadzi Mai Samaz

Mercy Taruvinga : So nhai Sisi Viomak if you re human right defender how come we don’t see you kuma functions anoitwa mu uk and to my surprise l only see the same people ivo vach vamunogara makanyora on your facebook page kuti imbavha .and lm trying to understand you kuti why shld team ye Pachedu come and give a breakdown kwauri iwewe yet you have already tarnished their names on facebook.Let me educate you on the issue about NMC havatore pin zvekumhanya my dear sister they will do their investigations properly ..havatore pin yemunhu zvekumhanya kwete so l can say Yes people can report to Nmc but pin haitorwe pasina nyaya ine evidence .They will take all the statements to both parties first then a proper investigation. Its good kuzomwaya Mazita evanhu after waita investigation yako apo hu human right wako l don’t see it but you are bullying people .Why cant you have a proper website with your charity number than this to me it looks like cyber bullying .Ndaratidza my boss your page vati uri human right defender wechii you should be arrested ..l work kumusoro and lm not lying that’s what he said ,said he even want to meet you then you can explain more about your human right defending and about Musvo Mupikicha .You can block me but what you are doing its inhuman.I don’t know these people of pachedu but lm juss saying as for me myself .Your way of human right defending is wrong totally wrong .Huya ne human right defending yako kuma Zimbabwean functions tizivane uye toziva kuti you re not a human right defender wekungoda kunyadzisa vanhu pa facebk .You are hiding behind your computer and how silly it is people post things to you just to be spiteful to another human being .

 The thieving woman who claims to be married is seen on facebook using image profiles  such as this one said to be her daughter to terrorise those who expose their thieving.

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