The shenanigans of habitual home wrecker Jennifer Moud Chimboza


This article is written with Elliot’s blessings who phoned me the other day after a colleague connected me to him , and he said to me tete I am a Chief so I want to have as many wives as I can.He then jokingly asked if I had a young sister he can marry to add on to his list of other women who include Jennifer (47) .I said no and told him that even though I wouldn’t allow my young sister to be part of your shenanigans and we laughed. He then said to me you are going to hear a lot of stories about me ,feel free to write and he told me some of the stories ,and of course a day or so a lot of stories started to come in after I posted a thread wondering why Precious Chimboza had verbally attacked me on my wall,

Anyway, it doesn’t rain but it pours for the Chimboza family . In July 2014 it was reported that Andrew Chimboza (brother to Jennifer and Precious Chimboza ), told Cape Town police in a statement that he killed Mbuyiselo Manona (RIP) in self-defence at the home of a woman he said to have dated in the township of Gugulethu in South Africa . Andrew was then reported to have eaten Mbuyiselo’s heart using a fork and knife.

On the other hand Jennifer and Precious are accused of ganging up to verbally abuse other women including myself who was verbally attacked by Precious after I posted a thread which had nothing to do with her .I guess she just wanted to get to me since in July I shared a news article about his brother Andrew .

Jennifer (47) who was conferred with a Biomedical science degree,with her toy boy partner (42) in the picture, lives in Leeds ,UK and is said to have a dubious salon called Lesedi hair design named after the love child she sired with Elliot.

Elliot who came to the UK with his wife ,met Jennifer in the UK after which they agreed to have an illicit affair which is ongoing despite the fact that Elliot is legally married to his wife .Apparently Jennifer was previously married to another man (name withheld) , one of whose daughters Elliot is accused to have slept with ,after which the daughter moved to London.

Meanwhile ,before Jennifer snatched Elliot she had snatched another married toyboy called Yasin from another Zimbabwean woman who later passed away due to the marital stress supposedly caused by her.

In the meantime Jennifer is said to have fought tooth and nail to destroy Elliot’s marriage, and she is declaring that she won’t leave him and clearly doesn’t care about the pain she is causing to other women.

Unfortunately word has it that Jennifer is not only heartless to other women but she is also heartless to her ill mother who she ‘shipped’ back to Zimbabwe from the UK unceremoniously last year after she protested against having Elliot back after he physically attacked her (Jennifer) for complaining that he had made his legal wife pregnant.However ,the mother is accused of being of loose morals too .

More to follow ……