HIV Positive prostitute Precious Chimboza spreading HIV knowingly


At this point it is not known if any of the other men she has had sexual relationships with have reported the matter to the police or not.Precious is believed to have started spreading the virus in Pretoria South Africa .The prostitute has had unsafe sex with mostly Zimbabwean men, putting them at risk for a potentially fatal disease.

“Precious is a well known prostitute who most of the time has unprotected sex with her partners in a drunken state” ,revealed the source .

The victim said it’s important for any women who have had sexual encounters with Nhekairo should come forward and get tested for HIV. She also recommended that men and women use safety measures each time they engage in sexual activity. – See more at:

The source fears that the well known prostitute continues to have unprotected sexual encounters putting the lives of others at risk.

Pub lady Precious Chimboza’s antics : Crooked facebook ladies and used the money to go on a  lavish holiday  in China with lesbian partner – spreading disease knowingly.
Precious Chimboza is sister to Andrew Chimboza ,the man who ate a human heart in Cape town, South Africa .

In addition to Precious spreading disease knowingly, she is a crook who solicited funds from ladies in a Facebook group in the name of desperate unforeseen circumstances,pleading that she had no money for food, the money of which she used to go on a lavish holiday in China with her lesbian partner Rutendo.

Precious who sleeps around and targets married men is on an irresponsible mission to spread the virus.How she ended up crooking the facebook ladies is, she was a stay in spare wheel cooking pots with a certain white old man in South Africa after which she was chased out like a dog when his wife was coming back from the UK.She doesn’t like straightforward decent jobs and prefers working at gotsi industry,so after this sad ordeal she hit hard times.

Word has it that she was once abused by her brother and her upbringing is pretty messed up.After the China vacation she  got a job at Pangea bar in Sunnyside, Pretoria where she doubles her services.