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ZANUPF Thug Obert Ncube on petition protecting ex Mugabe Alshab member Roleen Gandiwa :...

Blabbermouth and fame monger UK based ZANUPF terrorist Obert Ncube has assumed his title hoping that he can help to protect his close ally a ZANUPF murderer and ex -Mugabe bodyguard Roleen Gandiwa who is on the run.

ZANUPF terrorist Obert Ncube masquerading as MDC-T supporter causing terror in UK:Blasts AIDS patients

A ZANUPF violent thug in UK, Obert Mundevere Ncube, masquerading as an MDC-T supporter is causing havoc in UK terrorising an anti -Mugabe singer and human rights defender Viomak

Meet ZANUPF thug and terrorist FAKE Asylum seeker in UK Robert Singende

Here is one of the ZANUPF terrorists who were given asylum through lies.Today he came on my facebook page and threatened to kill me for despising and singing against his party of thugs .