At times President Tsvangirai can really stamp his authority despite how much people may want to see it as autocracy. He recently went to Mutare where he categorically declared that Giles Mutsekwa is the MDC candidate. Some women supporters literally wailed, kuridza mhere chaiko but Save told them that those who want Arnold Tsunga are free to vote for ZAN U PF. Harvest House is on fire over this issue. SG Biti’s faction is breathing fire.

The issue of challenging the election date has been shelved for now as SG and company are now insisting that the President must be brave enough to face the elections. SG is now blunt on the 2016 Agenda Project. He is saying the President must enter the race but if he fails to take the party to victory, it would be high time a new horse is selected. “Team irikuruza inosabhurwa,” that’s SG’s common phrase. Hanzi every player has done his party, winning seats for the party but our striker is failing to score.

Varume instead yekungotuka, lets help our party because factionalism yauraya musangano. Be constructive and let’s share ideas on how we can help our party. The problem is they don’t listen and that’s the reason why tichizvibvondora isu vanaMafirakureva nxa.

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