Meet Intolerant MDC-T internet terrorist and women abuser Emmanuel Gumbo


Of intolerant political party supporters :This is why I believe that there’s no difference between a lunatic and an intolerant political party supporter.

And when I say some people are brain dead some people say I talk to much .Of all jobs how can I be a zanupf campaign agent ? A zanupf campaign agent who produces anti zanupf music?Zvinosiririsa honestly.Saka munhu anenge atoti afunga here ?Dofo rinorwadza akomana. Zvinosiririsa.Shame.

By MDC-T Emmanuel Gumbo – ” You are not a human rights defender as you claim, you are a Zanu pf campaign agent determined to derogate the image of the Mdc-T. Why do you still hide behind a title of which you are millions of miles away from it.”

I really don’t know if these intolerant political thugs think or not.

Married to Racheal Chawira Gumbo the thug is not only provocative but he is stupid too.