Zimbabwean Jerry Nhete dumped at taxi rank in South Africa after partner got wind of his lies


The lady who opened up said she wanted other women to know and be aware in case Jerry meets another woman and treats her in the same manner.

After the lady got wind of the lies she immediately asked the parasitic man who allegedly never contributed to the upkeep of the household , to pack his bags after which she drove him to a taxi rank and dumped him there for the next mode of transport back home to Harare, Zimbabwe.

Commenting on facebook after Human rights defender Viomak posted the quoted thread below in a group Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE),the lady opened up and spoke out about how she met Jerry Nhete on facebook believing he was the kind of man every woman would yearn for.

” Why is it that if a man has sex with as many women as he can he is called a strong ‘bull’ and if a woman has sex with as many men as she can, she is called a prostitute and not a strong ‘cow’?”

The lady ‘s first comment that raised the curiosity of most of those who were following the thread was,

” I was to get married last week but pulled out in the last minute-he was not one to bring home the food………………..He lost a good wife to be”

Thereafter some comments asking her why the marriage failed to materialise started to flow and the lady went on to explain how Jerry and herself met on facebook in March 2012.The relationship developed with time and subsequently the lady took Jerry who she says had literally nothing under her roof.

As the lady explained her ordeal and how Jerry blocked her on facebook and on whatsapp,Human Rights Defender Viomak searched on facebook for Jerry who is said to have worked at ZESA (Zimbabwe Electricty Supply Authority) for a short time digging holes for electricity poles so as to raise money to go and live permanently with the lady South Africa.

Viomak armed with his image putting on a black leather jacket which was previously confirmed by the lady that she had bought it for him ,the lady confirmed that the image yes was Jerry the man who had lied to her leading her to dump her at a taxi rank.

Before Viomak looked for the image offering to help the lady had said,

“He did a bit of work for ZESA so yes he probably put it up, He is a boy of 25.probably has a black leather jacket on which I bought him. Thank you HRDV-yip this is the boy-he was working there just last week while he was living with me.Shame on him .

Adding on the lady said,

“I told him pack and get out-I dumped him at the taxi rank and said BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Drove off and that was last Sunday, and have not stopped crying since….I am crazy I know. That beautiful leather jacket he is wearing in the photo-I bought it,the pants he is wearing I bought them. He came here with the clothes on his back not even a toothbrush…………….He now has a wardrobe any man would be proud of and face/body products to look beautiful”

Explaining how she had dumped him the outspoken lady said ,

“At least I dumped him at taxi rank and I was not the one dumped.I swear that is just what I did.I said get in my car where do u want me to dump you I asked him.He ran straight back to mommy in Harare.I would never even do that to my dog…..eish!!!!…….When I told him at home-pse pack and be ready to leave in one hour so I can lock my home with you not in it.He got on his knees and big tears!!!he was so shocked almost fainted.Dumped to go back to mommy!!!Oh hell yes all the designer labels packed very fast!!!!forgot a t- shirt!!!I cut it up for rags for the floor.He was out on the Friday and I lost both my phones-the one was a contract phone with unlimited acsess.It was a new Nokia-the other was a Samsung used just for whatsup-gone.He said he was robbed!!! “

The lady went on to explain how the mean Jerry never bought her an R12 cup of coffee or a loaf of bread for the home in the 16 months they were together saying ,

“It is about in 16months he has never bought me a R12 cup of coffee or bought 1 loaf of bread for the home.I was the ATM supplier of everything.He was working never saw a cent and asked 100 times gave up in the end…..Of course he always said he has to contribute to our home first!Not sure what he thought contribute means……He told all his family he was giving me R1000 a WEEK for the home and working extra shifts to give me money……..hahahah!!!!”

The lady went on to confirm that she had at least parted with R25 000 for the upkeep of Jerry only to learn that he was lying through his teeth.By speaking out about this ordeal the lady is hoping that someone’s soul will be saved from the emotional abuse that she went through in the hands of Jerry Nhete .