Abusive MDC- T thug in S.A Brian Muziringa threatens anti Mugabe singer in UK with death


This intolerant thug Brian Muziringa who is threatening me says he is MDC- T SA Provincial Youth Assembly Secretariat for Labour & Social Welfare.What a shame.6na9 kufanana ZANUPF and MDC-T.He comes on my wall to terrorise me for despising MDC-T .Is this the Zimbabwe that we want?

Another one in the league of MDC-T abusive thugs who frequents my wall to silence me  Brian Muziringa is Buhle Dlamini’s friend.Buhle masquarades as a ZANUPF CIO too and also supports MDC-T and terrorises me for despising both zanupf and mdc-t using fake facebook accounts.

Brian Muziringa who is  back with new threats claims to be a human rights and political activist and is said to be very active in South Africa .After sometime as he continued his abuse I later heard that he has no legs.Why he visited my wall to terrorise me bothers me up to today.This is someone I had never talked to only to see him coming to my wall to verbally abuse me and threaten me.

In 2010 he said I am in the reserve team yezanupf team yebhora.This is a socer team that was formed by someone and uses images to mock zanupf and highlight their murderous activities.So this MDC-T thug says I am a reserve of thsi soccer team.Why I don’t know.

Why the intolerant thug calls himself a human rights activist remains a mystery to me.

I read Collen Makumbirofa saying this man Brian Muziringa who is threatening me chirema chisina makumbo.Shame.He does’t even know that he won’t get away with such silly threats in UK where he is saying he will be locating to permanently Ini wacho ndokuvhundutsirwa nemunhu asina makumbo.Shame.However some say chirema ndochava nezano chinotamba chakazendamira pamadziro.I hope he is not expecting me to handle him with care if he touches me.

After failing to silence me as he posted on wall all sort of abuse and threats he resorted to sending me inbox messages.As below.

He inboxed me saying – ” Hey you, you must have a cut off point.Don’t dare threaten my friends.I’m coming over to UK permanently and I promise you will know me diffferently and i will make sure i deal with directly!”.

  • Conversation started February 4, 2012
  • Brian Muziringa

    Hey you, you must have a cut off point.don’t dare threaten my friends,im coming over to UK permanently and i promise you will know me diffferently and i will make sure i deal with directly!

  • February 4, 2012
  • Human Rights Defender Viomak

    Ziya zvekuremara iwe saka usina makumbo.Pfutseke.handichiswi nechimunhu chisina makumbo .Uya ndikusandudzire uko .Handisini ndakakuremadza .bhinya .nxaa

  • Brian Muziringa

    First thing when i arrive,i will use this article among other’s you have wrote using hate speech and verbal abuse to litigate a case against you.I will not live any stone unturned,ask those who really knows me, you will know me better!

  • Human Rights Defender Viomak

    Haiwawo kuvhunditsirwa newe inini uri mbwa .Another article to use when you come iyi .Inbox me your photo http://www.zimbabwenewsnetwork.com/general/3099-abusive-thug-in-south-africa-brian-muziringa-threatens-anti-mugabe-singer-in-uk-with-death.html

  • Brian Muziringa

    Just wait and see,how it goes!

  • Human Rights Defender Viomak

    Haiwawo .Inbox me your photo to put on my article coward.Handisi ndakakuremadza .Saka usina makumbo vaipedza vanhu kuponda so God knows


He didn’t respond after that.Whoever his friends I was threatening up to now I dont know.It’s typical behaviour of political party supporters who terrorsie those with different political views and MDC-T since it preaches democracy is not expected to have such kind of intolerant and thuggish suporters.