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Download:Betty Makoni GCN/GCNW Donor Funds Abuse Report by former donor Oxfam Novib

Be the judge .GCN Betty Makoni has become popular accusing everyone who mentions about GCN/GCNW donor funds abuse to be a ZANUPF CIO working on destroying her work. After reading the Oxfam letter attached how do people who despise the corruption become ZANUPF CIO's?

Abusive SADC representative ZANUPF thug Hermish Chitera terrorising me for despising Mugabe

An abusive ZANUPF thug Hermish Chitera just visited my facebook wall from nowhere and verbally abused me.My first time to see him posting on my wall.And who is this provocative and rowdy man and why did he verbally abuse me using vulgar language too?I visited his wall in shock.