Women who spoilt their careers and life in UK now terrorise others


News coming from Manchester after revelations that a woman behind falsifications on Tare funds being looted suggest that the woman is in last ditch to survive herself .

Barbara Nyagomo Mambo worked as a nurse for a long time until she grabbed a caring agency company from Kuruti by force .After running the employment agency for half a year the company collapsed and had a bad recording of paying employees who all turned to government in the hope that they would get their taxes back since Barbara had told them she had taken the taxes

This was not the case as many carers registered with her company realised that none of their taxes had been remitted and so they could not claim them back .In the end it was Barbara who had to pay the arrears but in the end when she could not her house on Mortgage in Manchester was attached ,said a woman in Manchester who was duped and never paid today

Many people from Zimbabwe and mostly students went home like paupers because many could not be paid .The company ABSAR collapsed .Those who suffered under Barbara`s hands are many in England and should come out .

Story after story is coming out after an article Barbara Nyagomo was investigating such a credible organisation and she must have taken advantage of ongoing backlash on Founder and Directopr of GCNW Betty Makoni

In related developments it has been learnt over the weekend that Priscillah Nyathi ,the woman who volunteers with GCNW had been dismissed from her job in CLR whom she is currently suing for racism .Her last desperate attempts to take GCNW and use journalists as advocates in her bid hit a rock recently when lawyers advised that she was not a legal trustee of GCNW and that wherever she gave statements she had done so illegally and so GCNW has every right to sue her for damages and she has been immediatelty been advised to return all GCNW equipment in her possession

Analysts have said the three women have found an easy way to dig for gold in British councils where funding for Black Ethnic and Minority Groups have been given some quarters .Priscillah Nyathi has hopped from three organisations and tried to form them within months .She has a long list of women she helped to claim aslylum falsely and she has a long list of those she is believed to have treated like subjects .Barbra was so deteremined to make a name out of Tare case that she created a Tare We care network .It is not yet known how much money was donated directly to her and to Munashe her accomplish but many in England have watched thse two women trying to fundraise using the slightest opportunity possible

More analsysts have said that if they were left to muddle in the affairs of Tare and GCNW ,they would have taken over the organisation by force

Barbara is believed to be working for Southern Africa Business conference after trying luck in six other organisations she is a chair .She broke ties with Munahse Godo recently and the public has called upon the Zim Teachers Network Director Munashe to share with the general public her finances and account for funds she has been fundraising for poor school teachers and children in Zimbabwe

The general Zimbabwean community has been warned and told to be on the lookout on these women.