Terrorists ZANUPF CIOs UK Social worker Cynthia Mafara and ZINASU Black African aka Tawanda Moyo


When one mystery man  Black African aka Tawanda Moyo whose agenda is also to destroy and silence wrote a provocative Facebook status quoted below on his facebook wall and tagged me so that I see,I went on to comment in good faith .I didn’t know the two haters Cynthia and Black African had connived to torment me as they went on their destructive errand.The two are said the be classmates who attended Gokomere High School together.The woman later went on to spend more than 10hours non stop despising me on the thread.Honestly why would anyone spend more than 10 hours despising a useless person ?

Black Afrikan said ,

I’m sick and tired of Internet politicians like Jones Musara, Martin Chinyanga Da William, Human Rights Defender Viomak and others who preach from far away countries about ‘democracy’ which they don’t even understand. If you want to change the country come back home and transform it.”

I don’t even know why this hater Black African calls me a politician.My activism work is more conspicuous than my political ambitions.His facebook profile says he is an Activist at ZINASU and this is an activist who should know that the internet is a very good platform for activism but he’s tired of others who use the internet for political activism.Typical of sponsored haters.

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    Black Afrikan

    Activist at Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) Studying Engineering at University of Zimbabwe Lives in Harare, Zimbabwe Knows English, Shona, Basque, Russian, PersianFrom Masvingo Born on September 11

    As I kept wondering why this ZINASU activist would write such a provocatice and irresponsible status it dawned on me that  some students in Zimbabwe are being used by ZANUPF to spy on anti Mugabe -ZANUPF campaigners .Of late more and more Zimbabweans are using the internet to voice against ZANUPF bad governance  and this has seen the number of ZANUPF CIO’s and agents increase on the internet.Some of them pretend to be activists,some pretend to be MDC supporters and some even pretend to be supporters of your work.It is extremely difficult to know who the CIO’s are until they start exposing their agendas.Some of them oppose Mugabe just like us but with time if one is used to their tactics their evil agendas will come out.

    Like a possessed spirit the woman started her shocking lies by saying that I wrote about her on the internet tarnishing her image.Before I knew that she was on a sponsored agenda I tried hard to have her show me the link where I had written about her tarnishing her image.She refused to show me the link.Up to now I don’t know where I wrote about her and tarnished her image.In any case I didn’t even know who this woman is until today.

    After that lie she went on to say I have an online paper that is funded by a Graham,a white colleague who comments on my wall supporting my work.That came as a shock to me.Such hatred and lies only show how far our haters are really prepared to go.Such kind of irresponsible lies are uncalled for.She later added that I was receicing donor funds and I should actaully put the funds to good use than to sing against ZANUPF of course.
    Where do people harvest lies?And to imagine that I have never received any donor funds for anything.Many ZANUPF agents and Mugabe himself are convinced that anyone who does work that opposes ZANUPF is being sponsored by whites and by the British if one is in Britain .However, that’s how I learnt that that’s why some people hate me.They think I am very rich living on donor funds.
    As said by
    Tsetsesayi M Mafara -“I have nothing against you, but  I feel those funds you get from your good people Graham being one of them could be put to GOOD GOOD use “

    The woman Cynthia Mafara went on and on and finally showed her true colours.The woman who lies that she is in Zimbabwe whilst she is in Britain is a very good example of how Britain is hosting ZANUPF spies without knowing.She has actually been researching on who Viomak is and she got it,and wrote a comment exposing my old name.This is a woman who was boasting that she supports MDC-T and would soon go to Zimbabwe to campaign for her constituency.Why would these two people torment and terrorise me? I only spoke to this woman today on the status posted by Black African which they connived to put up so as to attract my attention and she wouldn’t let go .The more the woman talked the more she showed her evil agenda.Typical of ZANUPF CIO’s.They have  actually been working on exposing me as she proved below.

    Tsetsesayi M Mafara “Ehe wese wanopfeka ma boni boni ma CIO handiti, this is the level of intelligence that lies within the so called Political Activists, he looks good muna chenjera kuti wasikana hawakunetseyi imwi, Black African wakabarwa mwana wamai wangu.Picture yako haitsverudziba.Ndaifarira ini, next it’s Vogue Magazine. Nice one there Viola Makunike.”

    That said, the internet is getting more and more infested with ZANUPF spies,supporters and CIO’s who throng the walls of those who despise zanupf and go on to terrorise them so as to silence them.The sad thing is if one doesn’t know that so and so is a CIO there’s no other way to know until they show their true agendas or until their hidden agendas are exposed,as has happened in this case.

    As the discussion reached to an end the woman didn’t forget to threaten me reminding me that they will finish me off when she said ”  

    Tsetsesayi M Mafara

    “..tichapedza hedu newe, wakangwarira paduri sekahuku.. ( We will  finish you off,you are clever for nothing like a hen) .
    The woman joins a long list of ZANUPF sympathisers and spies who are residing in large numbers in Britain.Many of them instead of keeping quiet they harass and terrorse  those who speak against Mugabe and ZANUPF.Sources say the woman resides in  Ipswich, Suffolk where she bought a house.Just a very good example of how ZANUPF supporters enjoy life in Britain whilst singing ZANUPF and Mugabe praises.One wonders why they don’t just keep quiet and lead their lives, but of late word doing rounds is they are paid to torment anti-Mugabe campaigners.