Liar GCNW Betty Makoni resorts to smear campaign me as ZANUPF CIO to hide corruption


The dangers of despising corruption.No amount of smear campaign will stop the TRUTH.No amount of intimidation will silence the TRUTH. Many ordinary citizens like me are being threatened, harassed,terrorised and  intimidated into silence as we speak about the rot in our society that is seeing the poor suffering taken advantage of .

You can lie as much as you like Betty Makoni but always remember that the truth will set us free.You know the truth very well.It is only a matter of time before the world knows that you smear campaign everyone who despises GCN/GCNW corruption .

Betty Makoni the the conwoman who is  said to have left a record of bribing Zimbabwe journalists so that they write good false stories about her has taken the habit with her and I feel sorry for all the innocent people being used as scum bags by her to help spread malicious lies about those who despise the corruption .

I have nothing personal against her in the same way I have nothing personal against our Zimbabwe political leaders who also receive donor funds only to fund their personal pockets with large amounts of funds that are supposed to go to the beneficaries they apply the funds for.

I defend human rigts and not people.Defend her at your own risk and don’t come back to me complaining when it becomes too hot for you to handle. 

Yes our leaders have got into the habit of silencing all of us who speak against their corruption and Betty Makoni is now doing what she knows best too intimidating into silence those who expose her coruption and sweet talking some innocent people to help her smear campaign me for despising the corruption in the organisation. 


 And as GCN/GCNW Betty Makoni defends her donor funds abuse issues lies, that I am a ZANUPF CIO working on destroying herself and her work she knows my  inbox is full of death threats from ZANUPF thugs and she has seen some. The TRUTH will set you free Betty Makoni.Go on with the smear campaign but know that I will not be silenced.This week is dedicated to exposing corrupt NGO leaders like you.

Firstly I’m not a ZANUPF CIO as she claims.She knows very well that I’m not a zanupf CIO or supporter but she’s just desperate to hide the TRUTH about her organisation that has been widely reported to be abusing donor funds.At one time she actually opened a fake facebook account called PETER DAY to help me get rid of some ZANUPF thugs who always terrorise me for my stance against bad leadership.

If zanupf thugs don’t want to kill me why do I receive threatening messages and public comments such as these by ZANUPF thugs like Chakafukidza Moyo on facebook 

Sent via Facebook Mobile

Message to Viomak by ZANUPF CHAKAFUKIDZA MOYO March 15 at 7:09 am Report : ” This is General Chakafukidza Moyo Pliz note that uchingosvika muZimbabwe next stop yako i mortuary.I want 2 kill u. HATIDI KUTONGWA NEMUMWE MUNHU ASIRI MUGABE PASI NEWE BECHE RAKO MHANI “.
Comment to Viomak by ZANUPF VICTOR TONDERAI NYAMWANZA August 15 -” Ana Viomak, u are just cowards who run away from their shadows and die three times before they actually die. U think Bob loses sleep over someone like u? What are u in the political matrix for Bob 2 want to kill u of all people? If we have …people like anaBiti anaana Chamisa living it out here in Zim what of u, a political nonentity zvako? Dzoka uone kuti unoitwei. Unotoshamisika kuti hapana kana anosimudza musoro kukucheuka pa airport. Kuzoti mustreet worse!!!”

After Betty Makoni saw the above messages that I posted on my wall she was quick to defend me as below ,but today I am a Zanupf cio because I have joined those who despise her corruption.

By Betty Makoni

” Vio Mak hahhahahhahhahha you do work to save lives and to ensure abuse and corruption is brought to an end.I admire your courage of doing what I fear to do .I like your honesty and sincerity and I like the way you agree and disagree with both friends and foes .If many women could open their doors like this and know that getting into politics solves eroot causes of so many things.I like the fact that you get backlash and you never stop and surely if you were to be paid for all you do then you would have been a millionaire.I like the fact you are balanced and you don’t take sides .Please take this small token of appreciation and it comes from the bottom of my heart as a symbol of a gift to say when you have a vision wear it and let it cover you and let it be that dignity of who you are and what you want to do .As a gender activist whenever another woman dreams I am there listening and giving constructive criticism.Thanks for accepting me on your FB as a friend and daily I visit this page to understand more why you do the music that you do -am convinced that you are making a statement that violence which is politically motivated is bad,you are condemning corruption and once again you warn men that they have overstayed and must think of letting women take over.I know their first reaction is anger which I understand but know you who knew one day slavery would go and master and servant would be equal -who knew colonialism would go and whites and blacks live together.Gender inequality men and women sharing power equally is the only injustice left in the world and so we will put the fight and stop all these situations where women and girls bodies are used as weapons of war “.
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That is only one example of the many messages she posted on my wall.

The article below was writte by a reporter who investigated donor funds abuse in the organisation in Zimbabwe.


By the Financial Gazette

NGOs abusing donated funds

A number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are abusing donated funds before projects are implemented, disadvantaging the intended beneficiaries in the process.

The National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations confirmed the disturbing trend describing it as a “big issue,” damaging the image of the civic society.

“It’s a huge challenge because of the volatile economic environment given the many temptations in the value of the United States dollar,” said the association’s spokesman, Fambai Ngirande.

Recently, the United States-based Kellog Foundation, which bankrolled projects in southern Africa amounting to US$350 million since 1986, withheld funding after uncovering financial irregularities on some of its projects.

The Associated Press reported last week that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS and other communicable diseases is demanding that Zimbabwe return millions of dollars in donations it says were misused.

The Fund says it wants US$7,3 million back from the $12.3 million it donated to Zimbabwe although David Parirenyatwa, the Health and Child Welfare Minister, professed ignorance over the missing funds.

Investigations by The Financial Gazette have unearthed questionable events at the Girl Child Network (GCN), led by Betty Makoni.
GCN senior management warned Makoni that delays in bankrolling some projects were threatening the survival of the organisation but the director ignored their advice before she relocated to Botswana in March claiming her life was in danger.

In one of the documents, a senior management team at GCN said: “We note that the current non-implementation of programmes is a double-edged sword for GCN…We feel it is important not to abandon girls in this time of great need.”
The team was reportedly dissolved for questioning Makoni’s decisions while its proposed programme of action for this year was stuffed in the bottom drawer.

It is also alleged that school fees for hundreds of girl child beneficiaries under some of the donor-driven projects have not been paid for two whole terms.This has prompted some GCN employees to agitate for donors to institute independent audits and to scrutinise the organisation’s projects.

In e-mailed responses, Makoni dismissed the enquiries as part of “a long standing campaign from unnamed quarters seeking to pillage what she has built. For all the questions you have we have supporting documents.

“You should see them for yourself lest your source exaggerated,” wrote Makoni.

She said GCN was experiencing problems paying top-up fees because the donations were not catering for the impact of inflation on the country’s schools. GCN insiders told The Financial Gazette that ever since Makoni relocated to Botswana, operations have slowly been grinding to a halt. Workers went without salaries for two months in March and April.

“There is no way to get you paid if the finance team has not done the books and followed up with funders. When all funders send in money we can use some to pay staff and some for programmes,” Makoni informed GCN staff by e-mail. The organisation’s monitoring and evaluation grants checklist indicates that GCN major donors — Stephen Lewis Foundation, Oxfam Novib, Rotary Club International, the US State department, the British Embassy and Canadian International Development Agency advanced thousands of US dollars to the organisation.

GCN spokesman, Kumbirai Mudzingwa refused to disclose the amount of funds funnelled for its projects over the phone.
But according to the grants checklist made available by Makoni tabulating external funders and their contributions, GCN has had more than US$1 million advanced and pledged by donors for the period August 2007 and December 2009. The US State department advanced a US$152 000 grant to help fight child trafficking in Zimbabwe through awareness campaigns, training and rehabilitation of rescued girls for the period September 2007 to August this year.

Sources at GCN say the outreach programme never materialised because Makoni withheld funds from personnel on the ground.
No reports on the progress of the project have been made although the period over which the grant was supposed to have been used has since passed with not even one girl child trafficking victim on its records.