Gay lawyer Lizwe Jamela representing MDC MP who deliberately infected journalist with HIV


Lizwe Jamela, the new lawyer representing Insiza South legislator, Siyabonga Malandu Ncube is not straight, we exclusively reveal today.

Jamela who works for the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZHLR) assumed urgency in the controversial matter between the MDC law maker and a Bulawayo based scribe after it immerged that Mlweliwe Nkululeko Ncube, the MP’s former attorney was operating without a valid practising certificate thus in breach of the Law Society rules and the Legal Practitioners Act.
Siyabonga Ncube is facing charges of deliberately infecting the female journalist with the deadly HIV virus and sending her abusive text messages when asked about why he did wrong.

However , Jamela – the lawyer who shocked all and sundry in the City of Kings and Queens when he refused to represent Mthwakazi Liberation Front activists – Paul Siwela, Charles Thomas and John Gazi when they were arrested on state trumped up allegations of plotting treason , allegedly came ‘running for Malandu’s case” arguing that it is a human rights matter.

ZimScribes has it on good authority that the attorney who is known for his fancy suit and loud colours is also a practising member of the gays and lesbians’ community who has a string of failed relationships with straight girls, ladies and whores he has tried to lure to his heart.

Hereunder are the facts and pictures of Jamela, his “spiritual leader” and scanned documents of the “church”:

(Gay: Lizwe Jamela of ZLHR)

1. Jamela’s sex life has been a big puzzle for many a friend who have learnt with him at the University of Zimbabwe and worked with him at the Tredgold magistrate court where he had a short controversial stint. Sources close to his philandering say he was a shy coward who stayed away from all student battles and spent his time in porch houses in Borrowdale, Mount Pleasant with the late Kith Goddard, who was leading the Gays and Lesbians Association Zimbabwe (GALZ).


(Jamela’s Spiritual Leader: Reverend Max)

2. After college, Jamela worked underground to establish the Metropolitan Community Church of Bulawayo – which is a gays and lesbians synagogue and is led by – Reverent Maxwell Mwale.

3. This ‘homosexuals’ religious club was formed in 1968 in the United States of America specifically to minister to gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender persons.

Its first worship service a Los Angeles suburb in 1968 launched the international movement of Metropolitan Community Churches, which today has grown to 43,000 members and adherents in almost 300 congregations in 22 countries.

Congregates like Jamela have amended Psalms 23 to say : “The Lord Is My Shepherd, And He Knows I’m Gay” – this crazy creed is found underneath Jamela’s long sleeved shirts and sources in his office say he goes around the corridors of the ZHLR office whimpering it.



4. Interestingly, Jamela is the Board Chairman of the Sexual Rights Centre where he runs the homosexuals legal and administrative show with a popular sexually confused fellow only known as – Ricky and is based at the Bulawayo Centre where he runs a hair salon.

5. When gays and lesbians were arrested for causing mayhem in the streets of Bulawayo crying for the recognition of their abominable acts, Jamela ran and left his secretary at a loss as to where he was and represented them in court.

6. On numerous occasions, since years ago – Jamela has been organising, attending, facilitating and funding gays and lesbians workshops in places like Emaleme in Matopo.

7. Last year he went to party in Lobengula and after the party he ran to a man, cried, hugged and gave him a wet long kiss that left on lookers shell-shocked.

8. His girlfriends like Memory Mashonganyika, Tendai Gwazi, Nomusa Mlilo, Jane Mary, and the teen Business Environment Services student – all have foul of his odd behaviour and choices, hence have dumped him

9. He is currently madly in love with a white male gay activist – Ryan Mitchell who he meets every time in Harare at the Book Cafe, where gulping feminine drinks (Jamela loves cranberry punch Book cafe sources said) after which they depart arms around each other like truant teens for some filthy gay romp.


Contacted for comment on his sex life, Jamela said:
“Of what business is my sexual orientation to you? You are so dull and that is why you think it is not a right for someone to have a different sexual orientation.

“There are more stories you can write about than going around and asking people nonsense. Publish that and I sue you to the last cent,’ he said before switching off is mobile phone.

Jamela’s boss – Irene Petras could not be reached for comment whereas Rev Mwale invited this reporter to “church” to see what exactly happens there.

The “church” services, he said happen every Sunday at three in the afternoon, but anyone who attends must first be “registered” – he said.

Gays and Lesbians are not allowed in Zimbabwe and The President of Zimbabwe once referred to them as worse than dogs and pigs.