Betty Makoni linking me to ZANUPF CIO as desperate measure to silence me for despising GCNW corruption


A colleague just referred me to an article below by GCN/GCNW Betty Makoni.She’s extremely angry that I despised her organisation’s donor funds abuse which has been widely publicised.The woman is very desperate to silence all those who speak against the corruption and in the article she wrote about me on 12 August 2011 she shows how desperate she is and has resorted to lying that I am a ZANUPF CIO as she desperately works on proving her innocence.

Filthy liar Betty Makoni has surely gone INSANE.Lying through her teeth that I am a ZANUPF agent and that I worked closely with Ropafadzo Mapimhidze who I don’t even know is very irresponsible and evil.She is writing here to defend accusations that she is a donor funds abuser and denying it despite the fact that I also witnessed how she abuses donor funds after I became an independent verifier in an instance where GCNW received donor funds on behalf of a Zimbabwe girl Taremeredza who had come to the UK to have an operation.She is angry that I spoke against the corruption and feels she should lie about me to convince her donors and supporers that she is innocent.Shame on her.Who believes such obvious lies? I left Zimbabwe in 2001 and have not even met Ropafadzo Mapimhidze except to read about her articles online.It’s so sad that Betty Makoni is  ready to embrace lies so as to tarnish my image.Typical of donor funds abusers who employ any forms of methods to silence their critics as if it  makes them innocent.

As she works hard on silencing me she has employed all sorts of childish tricks with the hope of tarnishing my image too,but thank God I’m not intimidated by such cheap talk or intimidation.

Below is a song that I composed in support of Betty Makoni and GCN/GCNW’s work before I started despising the corruption,but now I’m a ZANUPF CIO.Despising Corruption breaks friendships.A song that I recorded supporting GCN/GCNW Betty Makoni before I got convinced that donor funds were being abused shows how much I supported the work until I learnt about the gross mismanagement of donated funds and the filthy lies to unsuspecting donors associated with the organisation  .Now I am her enemy and I am now a ZANUPF CIO working on destroying her work.Some of these lies by the woman are so desperate,I wonder what she will be thinking when she writes the lies.She wishes I was into dirty deals but unfortunately she has nothing reasonable to say about me except to cook malicious lies.




Betty Makoni’s effort to tarnish my image so as to silence me.​vio-mak-plot-to-taint-and-stop​-betty-makonis-work-flops-as-w​orld-keeps-support/

I see For the past three years, Betty Makoni has been persecuted by an undercover syndicate led by a woman who parades as a human rights defender and uses pseudo name Vio Mak. Her hate speech, bitterness, jealousy is directed to any Zimbabwean she perceives to be successful. Many times this woman has used many false news websites most of which are designed by her husband educated by President Robert Mugabe scholarship in Cuba. Details and pictures of this man will be shown on many websites soon.

For many years Vio Mak worked closely with Ropafadzo Mapimhidze, a woman who once worked as Vice President Mujuru`s personal assistant and worked at government newspaper where she caused havoc up until Betty Makoni innocently rescued her and offered her assistance. Through Girl Child Network in Zimbabwe, Ropafadzo Mapimhidze`s daughter was supported to school at a time when her mother had lost hope she would pursue studies. Her daughter has since moved to a UK college. To help show how notorious Vio Mak and Ropafadzo Mapimhidze syndicate is and how they infiltrate in Zimbabwean charities all the false stories and smear campaigns against well standing Zimbabweans will be exposed. Most of the false names and allegations have no proof and will be exposed so that women and girls organisations are fully aware how such undercover operatives are increasingly used to thwart the work of women human rights defenders in Zimbabwe. Many times they seek employment or befriend an unsuspecting human rights defender and in a short while they create stories and facebook pages to write defamatory articles about them. Or if they are in the organisation they frame false allegations and stories and to newspapers. They are quoted as reliable sources-Just read all articles by them and you do not get a reliable and professional auditor or accountant name and address quoted-only reliable source that cannot be named.

Many unsuspecting donors have been drawn into their undercover tactics and their partnership has been exploited via the bogus online papers and facebook pages to tarnish human rights defenders. Vio Mak does this as a full time job and investigations have shown a husband and wife network creating bogus websites to target human rights defenders. One clear example is when they hijacked the project on girls and women news network and made some women like Betty Makoni make money contributions only to attack them and push them out of the project without refunding them and giving back any contributions made.

This is an urgent alert to unsuspecting members of the public, British police and authorities that some years back, the said Vio Mak who was all along a gospel musician who migrated to Canada for greener pastures but later when her fortunes seemed lost changed to be a protest singer under unclear circumstances especially at a time she was allegedly deported from Canada. She later sought membership in Zimbabwe Vigil in London where upon she is alleged to have used pictures of murdered activists in Zimbabwe to convince the UK Home office to grant her asylum.

On the other hand , Ropafadzo Mapimhidze`s daughter Itayi Zhanje had no right to take British public funds through her false asylum case when her father and mother are known senior CIO operatives in the current regime. There are many girls and women in UK who are known victims of violence stuck with no legal status in UK. It is unfair to grant asylum to women in such syndicates at expense of deserving Zimbabwean women and girls who have been at frontline of defending rights of the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe.

Vio Mak has run a bogus VioMak Charity music project and continues to exploit the names and stories of murdered activists for personal gain. She has no known activist she has assisted in Zimbabwe. There is no auditor`s report she has shared with the public to show where proceeds from her charity have been used. The Charity is not registered in UK and is operated from her home in Birmingham. Zimbabwe has over 400 murdered activists and none of the families has benefitted from Vio Mak`s charity music despite her continued use of their pictures in her videos without their written and signed consent.

Facebook closed Vio Mak`s first account after her attack of many Zimbabweans and she went on to open another account under another false name, Human Rights Defender Vio Mak where she makes false claims she defends human rights but many sources have linked her to the notorious CIO agent in Zimbabwe where she plays the false anti Mugabe campaign whilst her main agenda is to lure unsuspecting Zimbabweans to her page so that she later attacks the real human rights defenders who have worked in Zimbabwe at front line for many years. Up until face book closed her first account she had used vulgar and hate language to target innocent women and men. Just recently after donating a song to Betty Makoni she shocked the Zimbabwean community when she started an anti Betty Makoni making false allegations.

Betty Makoni has no criminal record in the world. Her CRB check is out for everyone to see. Why should Vio Mak`s make shift and bogus court make such claims when she has never been to see work that Betty Makoni has done in Zimbabwe? This is where many questions remain unanswered.

Our team helping Betty Makoni in her Public Relations wishes to advise members of the public that no donor in their right senses and knowing what it is like to work in fragile states like Zimbabwe would as being publicised by Vio Mak communicate with a grantee via a Zimbabwe government owned newspaper or ghost internet papers operated mostly from unknown locations and with false addresses and names. All donor communication to grantees are direct ,private and signed with a confidentiality agreement. Grant agreements have clear procedures for reporting and frequency for reporting.All donor funds received by Betty Makoni and her team at Girl Child Network have strict guidance on use of funds and how reports and feedback to and from donors is done. Nowhere in the agreement is it stated it will ever be done through Vio Mak or her bogus newspapers or any newspaper for that matter.

The question that stands out is why Oxfam Novib would choose to communicate with a grantee via Vio Mak facebook and Zimbabwe government owned newspaper when the charity is there to take queries and address them as has happened over a decade of partnership? Oxfam Novib is a highly respectable organisation which had Betty Makoni as a member of their highly esteemed round table which was consulted on policy and other issues. They stand for justice, human rights and fairness and it is not clear why they have asked such notorious syndicates like the one led by Vio Mak and her syndicate to communicate on their grantee partner whom they have communicated with directly and professionally over a decade of partnership. The letters and communication Vio Mak and her syndicate circulate on facebook are very different to letters Betty Makoni, GCN and team of lawyers representing the charity have from Oxfam Novib.

Our team helping Betty Makoni here in UK wishes to inform members of the public that internet and especially Google is being used by women like Vio Mak to target human rights defenders and infiltrate their work to cause confusion and to stop their activities as they are known global activists who are very vocal. The tactic is to create a Google scandal section for someone who has achieved so much so that a funder or supporter would doubt credibility of human rights defender. Not a single day has Betty Makoni managed charity accounts on her own. Betty Makoni has worked with a team of professionals. Before leaving Zimbabwe to be in self imposed exile after being threatened by a group of youth militia over high profile rape case of Obediah Msindo and subsequent arrests by members of the CIO , she has facilitated a smooth leadership transition that was funded by Stephen Lewis Foundation. Transition has been not been easy as more such women have tried to ensure one within their syndicates is appointed to the position and hijacks the charity for personal gain.It is clearly a big struggle that shows what it is like to be a human rights defender in Zimbabwe.The good part is that the charity has survived and the organisation is now run by many dedicated volunteers and young women whom Betty Makoni groomed during her leadership and they have worked very hard to support girls and keep focus. Many other African countries are replicating the Girl Child Network Empowerment Model. Many individuals and foundations who have critically and objectively analysed the whole tactic to bring Betty Makoni and her work down have kept support flowing.

It is unfortunate that detractors like Vio Mak find it easy to cause confusion and controversy to someone who is so open, transparent and known to have changed lives of many women and girls in Zimbabwe and in the world. Betty Makoni has given a home and a life to many girls in Zimbabwe and that cannot be rubbed so easily by a woman like Vio Mak who for years has purported to sing for charity but none of those people whose photos she has used has benefitted from proceeds from her charity. Vio Mak has exploited the poor and vulnerable as well as those standing up to support them like Betty Makoni. For her websites to get visitors and for her to get advertisers she has to abuse well known human rights defenders for personal gain. The public demands that Vio Mak convinces public she is transparent herself and so she must show her audited reports and all cash she collected from public purporting to help victims of political violence in Zimbabwe.

For Betty Makoni and her charity reports are submitted to Charity Commission in UK and funds received are published in annual reports on their websites which is clear show of transparency and accountability. Nowhere would GCN staff parade names of victims or staff members details on facebook or in newspapers without a signed consent as this is unprofessional and illegal. Vio Mak and her syndicate have been publishing names, addresses of victims that Betty Makoni purportedly assisted and what we fear are lives of such vulnerable people if they are identified as having reported their cases-it is like punishing victims for opening up on abuse .The case maybe that they will be gang raped again as punishment.Betty Makoni assisted many victims of political violence and Murambatsvina(Clean up in 2005) in Zimbabwe and their names or stories will never be published without a written consent and all details of assistance rendered ,when and where remains protected in a secure password locked filing system no one can easily access. Take as malicious rumor any client details you may see anywhere as this is not the way GCN and Betty Makoni operate. They value every client who comes to them and they strive to protect them through and through.

Members of the public should know that every year since 2000 Betty Makoni and her charity have had audits and evaluations conducted. This is normal procedure for charities receiving funding. Her charity like many others in Zimbabwe were affected with the fall of the Zimbabwean dollar and for some six months the organisation could not access funds from the banks up until the board and finance director of the charity opened an off shore account managed by six leaders of the organisation who used every system which is transparent to account for use of funds. Even the Oxfam Novib commissioned forensic KPMG audit report that came out after persecution of charity leaders clearly indicated there was never fraud in the organisation. All auditor`s recommendations like always have been used to improve management of donor funds for the charity. It has been always the culture of the organisation to ensure everyone in the organisation is part of of the open and transparent use of donor funding and it would be a shameful lie even for an infiltrator who works under cover for the charity to misinform the public that the charity has no transparency and accountability as every donor project is implemented by staff. In many organisations staff never know what is donated to the charity but in GCN every staff member works with a donation checklist and handles funds and reports to an independent internal auditor with reports and an internal audit report instantly produced. The reason the charity has remained strong despite all these fabrications is an open and transparent system no one can lie about.

Girl Child Network is a learning organisation and the charity has succeeded because learning and sharing their work is very empowering. All these women like Vio Mak who work for the undercover syndicates to put mud on GCN work should know that the charity has done so much for the girls and will not stop no matter what level of harassment they have go through. Girl Child Network remains open, transparent and accountable . The charity has volunteers with same experiences like girls they assist and everything they do , passion comes before money.The charity has survived todate because not only of donor funding but because of many volunteers who give their time to work for free including Betty Makoni who receives no wage or salary from Girl Child Network at the moment.

Girl Child Network has received support from world over. Many donors have worked with the charity with respect and dignity. None of the donors has ever communicated a concern ,complaint or complement via Vio Mak facebook page. Betty Makoni is always in touch with staff and volunteers in Africa, current and past workmates, with girls who graduated from Girl Child Network and she remains a woman who supports every woman and girl . She is upright, open and transparent and those who know her associate her more with her inspirational story and not donor funding as she has never received any funding as an individual but she has been part of a team wherever she works.

Members of the police and public should know physical stalking of Betty Makoni by this syndicate is suspected and so in the likely event she is found dead or she goes missing the first suspect must be Vio Mak and her syndicate as she has made many threats on Betty Makoni`s life. Her family lives in fear.

Police in UK and Betty Makoni`s Member of Parliament Stephen Metcalfe are doing everything to help out. A team of pro bono lawyers who cannot be named at this stage have moved in to give legal assistance. Family support services in Essex are doing everything they can to help Betty and her family remain safe in UK.

The public is being warned that whenever you see any article on Zimbabwe News Network or Zimonline Press know that Vio Mak and her undercover syndicate are out to cause controversy, confusion and mayhem on Betty Makoni to try and stop her work and this is tactic increasingly used in Zimbabwe to target human rights defenders and this time it is being done via the internet. Vio Mak`s behavior is synonymous with riots that rocked UK only that she incites hate and such attacks on facebook and her many bogus news sites.

We thank everyone supporting Betty Makoni and the whole of this year the world has lined up many events in USA and many parts of the world where you can meet Betty Makoni and hear more about her work.