TRUTH haters create FB group administered by 'donor funds abuser' GCNW Betty Makoni to silence me


Irked by the fact that I have spoken so much against GCN/GCNW mismanagement of funds as reported by Zimbabwe media like the Financial Gazette and other sources and as I personally witnessed when I became an independent verifier for Tare’s operation donated funds which were managed by GCNW in UK, Betty Makoni has not rested as she fights hard to silence me typical of some Zimbabwe NGO leaders who when their corruption is exposed threaten those who speak against their bad habits with arrest or suing.

When that fails they spread malicious lies about those who speak against their corruption .You become their enemy number one .

Together with her dubious supporter Hondo NaMugabe,and newly found collegues in hate MDC-N supporter Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga and Mhlonitswa Shephard Dude who for the past three days have been visiting my facebook wall calling me bad names after I despised their leader MDC-N MP Siyabonga Malandu Ncube for deliberately infecting Zimbabwe women with  HIV.

One woman has taken the MP to court.Hondo NaMugabe is said to be a former ZIDELE supporter based in South Africa who is angry that ZIDELE failed to send him some money to buy some personal credit for his cell phone.Since the day he asked and was not given the money I have become his enemy.The four  have joined hands to denounce and silence me. 

How low can a ‘Director’ of a NGO stoop? The four colleagues have come up with a ‘very good’ plan to silence me.A facebook page created by Hondo NaMugabe who is now proudly Hondo NaViomak of which Betty Makoni is an admin of the group .And you ask me why Mugabe doesn’t leave power.Here is someone whose abuse of donor funds is well documented and here is the other one despising the abuse of donor funds and instead of creating a facebook page to denounce the one who is accused of abusing donor funds Hondo NaMugabe creates a page to denounce the one despising the one abusing donor funds with the one accused of abusing donor funds administering the group.Weird stuff.

So the one despising corruption is the wrong one?No wonder why our country Zimbabwe is upside down.Definitely Mugabe won’t leave power if people create facebook pages to silence someone who is despising donor funds abusers .Reminds me of some ZANUPF supporters who support ZANUPF for financial gain no matter how corrupt Mugabe is.Who knows? Maybe Hondo NaMugabe is expecting a golden handshake from Betty to buy credit for his phone that is if it has not yet happened .Because of poverty,some of us are bought with money to behave like fools.Hired to be a fool.

As they are wasting their energy fighting me Mugabe is busy destroying Zimbabwe .Hondo NaMugabe is a hater who is hating me for failing to send to him through Western Union money to buy credit for his cell phone.

The facebook group that they created yesterday code named , ‘ Viomak Cyberbullying must stop – Petition to Facebook and Google ‘ , is expecting facebook to remove my account and google to ban me from the internet because I am a cyber bully who is speaking against corruption and once I am banned from the internet I will stop desping GCN/GCNW corruption and I will also stop despising MP Siyabonga Malandu Ncube’s murderous behaviour and leave the women he is deliberately infecting with HIV suffer alone .

One Paul Rumema Chimhosva’s experience with Elinor Sisulu in 2010 was an eye opener to me as he suffered a similar fate after he spoke against Elinor Sisulu’s alleged abuse of donor funds.As he was labelled a ZANUPF Herald – State paper journalist who was acting like Mugabe’s CIO, the man was also accused of being a liar and threatened with suing as Elinor Sisulu denied the accusations.None of them agree to abusing donor funds despite the fact that some of the facts raised against them are too obvious to deny.

Various tactics are used to silence people who despise corruption.The tactics include arrest or suing threats.Threatening or bullying those who support you.Cooking lies about you.The lies are usually similar to the ones that you are despising so that the culprit can get away with their ‘innocence’ whilst you remain with eggs on your face.To them it’s all about getting the best deal to get away with the corruption.In short, NGO leaders with accusations of donor funds abuse hanging over their heads generally use similar tactics to get away with it. 

In a similar manner I have become GCN/GCNW founder face of terror and as such Betty Makoni has come up with many ways to silence me.She has also told some people that I am a ZANUPF CIO and this is despite the fact that she knows that I am not a ZANUPF CIO.Because of desperation to hide the corruption accusations they end up believing their own lies.

In March of this year the GCN/GCNW founder cooked lies that I was a cyber bully and she mobilised a number of friends to join her smear campaign after which she made a police report that I was harassing her as she prefered to have me go to jail than see me speaking against abuse of donor funds .The scheme flopped as the police were convinced that I had no case to answer.Betty  had convinced her friends on facebook that I will be arrested but it never happened.That left her dejected and she never gave up trying.

She did not rest.She started inboxing some of her facebook friends informing them that I am a very evil person.I understood her frustrations.It is typical of those who are accused of corruption to call those who speak against their corruption names.Word reached me through well wishers.She thought by tarnishing my name I will keep quiet.She has used the same bullying tactics to silence some former GCN employees who spoke against GCN mismanagement of donor funds and one of them ended up seeking justice in court after they were not paid their wages afster she started exposing the abuse of donor funds.The others feared reporting as they were constantly threatened with various actions which included suing.

The bullying tactic of inboxing her friends didn’t work either as I kept on speaking against the said corruption of GCN/GCNW which Betty Makoni is always denying despite the fact that I personally witnessed GCNW mishandling of funds donated for Tare’s tumour operation .

A letter written by Oxfam Novib to GCN as the GCN funder cut ties with GCN also clearly states how GCN mismanaged donated funds in Zimbabwe over a long period of time and Betty is said to have left Zimbabwe once the investigations started enroute to Britain through Botswana .     

It was long overdue.After many of GCN former employees raised the donor funds abuse issue but they were bullied and frightened into silence.Some of them spoke out as they exposed why Betty  left Zimbabwe but their voices were not heard as the GCN founder rubbished them as ZANUPF CIO’s whose agenda was to destroy her and some people believed the lies.However information kept flowing that the GCN founder had left Zimbabwe because some GCN donors like Oxfam Novib had initiated investigations into the organisation’s  mismanagement of funds.After its findings Oxfam Novib later wrote a report about its findings and withdrew  their funding.

Disturbing information was posted on my facebook wall too for the public to see with a request to look for  Jennifer Bhunu also known as Mai Dizara a well known political activist in Chitungwiza.She is said to be a GCN beneficiary who boasted that she had been told to be on the list of fake rape survivors by GCN Founder Betty Makoni because she could earn some money from GCN. The woman is said to have flown to  Mexico for the World AIDS  Conference sometime and she was accompanied by another woman, a relative of Betty’s husband and each had $7 000 which was to be dispatched back to Betty after giving the impression that the money had been used for the women’s travel expenses to Mexico. 

So creating a facebook book group will stop me from speaking against coruption? What desperation does to some people.I’m sure even if facebook removes my account the TRUTH will remain standing as facebook is not the only outlet where infomation can be shared. Below are details on their facebook group so far.A big thank you to Prince Khumbu -Zindela Malinga who added my name to the group otherwise I didn’t know that there was nonsense going on behind my back.

Hondo Namugabe From Violet Makobva (VIOMAK) Welcome back German Shepherd.I thought you said you had gone for good.You want to charge me with defamation of character? That’s funny.You can phone me 075 380 45 981 and I can give you a tutorial on how to charge people who are not real.

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Yes Viomak must stop bullying us.I have a plan of stopping her.
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