Evil MDC Ncube leader Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga sends me death threats to my inbox


The rowdy tribalist writing on his facebook wall  today saying Mbuya nehanda was  a witch


Mbuya nehanda was a witch.


Dirty politics.The MDC-Ncube intolerant political thug DISCENT Collins Bajila aka PRINCE Malinga aka Cde Jackson Lunga is back attacking and provoking Viomak and lying about her for forming ZIDELE political party.And you tell me only ZANUPF is intolerant of other political parties.Zimbabwe is politically cursed. 

Zimbabwe is politically cursed.It worries me.I have seen it all since 2001 and continue to see it on a daily basis.Who are the culprits.Intolerant political party thugs and their leaders.Why I balme their leaders too instead o fteaching their supporters tolerance they actually teach them thuggery and intolerance.

As a woman who is in the mifddle of forming a political party I am seeing it all on my facebook wall too.All sorts of intolerant political party thugs and supporters avail themselves on my wall using all sorts of provocative tactics.

Is Zimbabwe ever going to experience tolerance ,peace ,love and happiness or we are going to live with intolerant evil people who hate others for forming political parties? If this is th ecase then it means political murders typical of Mugabe’s governance is not going to end with Mugabe but it will end the moment such evil people become tolearnt of other political parties.

I am living with people who hate me for forming a political party and it is regrettable that these people are not only ZANUPF supporters but some supporters of MDC too.A party that preaches democracy and tolerance.A party that is promising to do better than ZANUPF and Mugabe in as far as our freedoms are concerned.

Today I have a unique case of an MDC thug who supports Welshman Ncube.

is zidele a website or a polical party?

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I refused him as friend ehn onld account went and he cried ai aadd him back.Today 14 June 2001

I have respect for you Viomak but I don’t take it lightly when in the proper exercise of your human rights defence you insight divisionism. I surely do not understand how an MDCT-MLF feud can be interpreted as a Shona-Ndebele feud given that 1. There are many Ndebele people in MDCT 2. There are millions of both Shona & Ndebele people belonging to neither of the two. By pushing such arguments you donate every Ndebele speaking person to MLF & as your friends continue to suggest that Ndebeles must be sent back to South Africa your wall becomes the widest channel of justifying the MLF agenda.

Sister Viomak, with all due respect let me voice my anger by your statements on the picture u just posted.

U cant say we Ndebeles are as violent as south africans! Is it the reason why your shona pple killed us in Gukurahundi? Is it the reason why there are no ndebele polici officers posted in matabeleland, is it the reason why you have shona teachers in matabeleland? Is it the reason why you have shona being the first language like nhau/ indaba so as to suppress our languge?
Is it the reason why Tsvangirai and Mugabe dont want to drink tea on monday with welshman ncube because he is ndebele?

    • Human Rights Defender Viomak

      Human Rights Defender Viomak As the hatred spreads
      Graham Mann The hatred has to stop ,now!
      Maverik Jesse Punungwe MLF is aiming to destroy Zimbabwe #justmyopinion#
      Human Rights Defender Viomak Someone should tell them off.I understand they came from South Africa.If you notice they are as violent as South Africans.
      Spancer Mazinge zulus alike
      Graham Mann Yes but Zimbabweans were not like Zulu,s. Why is this happening now?

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    • Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga ‎12 minutes ago where u say someone must tell them off!

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    • Human Rights Defender Viomak So if someone says Someone should tell them off does it mean they are a tribalist?Why don’t you want them to be told off if they are burning MDC Tshirts and behaving bad.Don’t we tell zanupf thugs off?

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    • Prince Khumbu-Zindela Malinga you said exiled ndebeles should be told off and not MLF

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