Evil tribalist Skumbuzo Manduna harassing me for despising Mthwakazi thugs


Unless these Mthwakazi thugs are stopped Zimbabwe will face another violent crisis of misguided elements whose agenda is to spread hate and chaos.Being a woman too,this Mthwakazi thug is convinced the he has the right to torment me and take advantage of me.Many men despise Mthwakazi on facebook but you don’t see him harassing them.The sin of being an African woman.You are not supposed to talk but just be a sex object.

For the past three days I have been warning this man to leave me  since I didn’t do anything wrong to him other than despising Mthwakazi thugs for burning the Zimbabwe flag and MDC t-shirts in South Africa and also for despising their foolish idea to cut Zimbabwe.They don’t want to hear the truth and the moment someone tells them off that label you a tribalist.

After realisng that I was writing an opinion about his evilness Skumbuzo Manduna immediately wrote me an inbox message below denying that he is harassing me  for despising Mthwakazi thugs.He’s privately denying that he is harassing me but my wall is full of his harassing comments.What a liar and loser.His inbox message to me,

Skumbuzo Manduna June 18 at 5:27pm . ” viomak i don’t have anything against you. You are making serious allegations against me that I’m harassing you and i’ll be very glad if you can point out during our discussion where I harassed you. Mthwakazi is a term used to refer to anybody who hails from Matebeland. Mthwakazi & Mthwakazi liberation front are two different entities altogether.”


A typical example of women abuse.After I fought back this man for provoking and harassing me over my views he immediately blamed me for harassing him,but this is a man who has been harassing me until I thought of exposing him.And he is convinced the opinion I wrote  about him is junk and what about the junk he posted on my wall for the past three days.He wrote on my wall,

Skumbuzo Manduna “@vio, i great respect for you, I was not aware that you are such a pathetic, attention seeking & barbaric lady. with this pathetic and naseuating behaviour of yours you are dreaming of becoming president? I don’t sing for my meals like you do my dear & I don’t want ruin your life. Please remove all the junk you have just posted or else I’ll come there and press charges of harassment. Remove that junk now!”

As if that is not enough ,he added,

Skumbuzo Manduna “remember you have a case of harassment against you that was once reported, so I’m warning you that if you don’t delete all the junk you wrote I’ll simply get intouch with people you once harassed & i’ll go to the same police station they reported to press charges against you, that will further butress the cases against you Viomak. delete taht junk & post a formal apology on your wall!”